HSP, Empaths, generous FEELERS who have a big heart and mission to SAVE THE PLANET. We are here to start with ourselves and go from there

HSP, Empaths, generous FEELERS who have a big heart and mission to SAVE THE PLANET. We are here to start with ourselves and go from there.

One heart, chakra system and mind body and being at a time! Sometimes a few of us together. Eventually a stadium.

I’m grateful I tune into my truth and be brave and bold and stand up in leadership for my tribe.

We are super POWERHOUSES and sometimes there’s a whole training bed of release and regeneration required to activate powerfully.

BEFORE you rise up you may be in some states of rebirth and growth that don’t feel so powerful or leadership like.

This may look like:

💥A powerful rise followed by a repeated purgatory in an endless loop or repeated state of being (Groundhog Day)

💥 surrendering and surrendering and deciding and taking action and feeling so powerfully what is going wrong and not able to focus on and empower WHAT IS RIGHT

💥 highs and lows and a very anxious and ungrounded feeling during the lows. So much that the highs cause us to look over our shoulder and wonder how long it will last.

💥showing up relentlessly and yet feeling like you “can’t break through”

💥impatience for RESULTS because you just can’t anymore with the current reality in which you’re feeling stuck

I have felt ALL of this and more deep dark and detached from joy and thriving feels before many a huge uplevel and there is no shame in ya game.

Others will claim to have all the answers and will invite you into powerful containers of transformation for which you’ll barely scratch the surface of your deep soul. They aren’t even clued into the level of sensitivity and extra cosmic gifts we are bringing through. And there’s a reason for that!!

Everyone is NOT the same we are organic and unique and some of us have certain ways of processing that are meant to BE. We came to HEAL THIS, RELEASE AND REGENERATE and set generations free!!

Don’t ever doubt yourself and your LEGIT right to show up and BE ALL OF YOU whether you’ve reached some external goals or not.

With so many touting their success and pain pointing you into a shameful corner of submission when you’re looking to shift into joy and peace and bliss and YES financial freedom and true love of your life, it is easy to get caught up in a crazy whirlwind of spending on outside guidance with those who will never understand how to activate your particular guide panel and balance of being. Alignment and activation of your light codes and freedom from the shackles of the past needs to happen!!

Find someone who GETS you AND will pull you up out of that funky place that feels oh so familiar.

IT IS. It is EONS of pain, trauma, drama and deathly results for rising up into divinity and you know it, and feel it, every time you go to speak your truth, and truly untapped your source of brilliance. 🧬

Let us release together these bonds of ancient WOUNDS and heal the places within us that keep us remembering what WAS. Let us heal and rise together into our sensitivity from a place of power and balance and love and compassion.

Let us be psychic empaths who are rich hot badasses because we ARE cracking the code to OUR particular method of shining in our own constellation.

Let us rise up supernovas and SHINE together COSMIC BADASSES!!



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