If you're afraid I'm gonna call you out on something where you aren't showing up for yourself in one of my containers, I WILL.

I GIVE A SHIT. I care about you and if you're showing up in my space to grow and change, I WILL CALL YOU UP AND TO IT. You'll either rise up and meet yourself, or rinse and repeat what you've been doing that isn't working for you.

I AM a powerful source of creation and I work at it DAILY - and the word WORK MEANS FOCUS, DEVOTION, ATTENTION, CHOICE, ACTION, BEING.

I CHOOSE to rise up out of apathy, ignorance, fear, anxiety, unknowing DAILY, and if you've asked me for support, I am here to mirror to you where inside of you that you NEED SUPPORT.

Support = 

- listening
- witnessing
- hearing
- asking questions
- providing resources
- calling you to MORE than what HAS NOT been working 
- inviting you to new behaviors, thoughts, choices and being

oh yes - and MY ENERGY IS AMAZING and I am blessed with a powerful gift to shift you without ever talking to you, seeing you, knowing anything about you - I only need your permission, the activation of our divine container together based on an energy exchange and for me to tune in with you. That part, nobody has like me. And nobody has my particular experience, personality, flava, energy and being.

If you're drawn to my powerful lightning bolt being and everything inside of you says "I KNOW THAT WILL CHANGE MY LIFE" - IT WILL!!

And it doesn't involve you doing NOTHING - it involves you immersing yourself in whatever I provide for you, the times we meet, the connection into yourself, even if you're scared and haven't had success before - THIS IS THE WORK AND THE WORK WORKS especially when you have powerful guidance.

I just offered the reboot for only 444. That was the last offering for my low cost containers for a bit. I am following MY guidance and calling in high level, high impact, high visibility HUGE RIPPLE EFFECT clients who are already versed in personal development and spiritual growth and are looking to exponentially amplify their next shift. I am doing this work and my clientele reflect the same.

When you work with me, your core patterns come quickly to light and in your energy field and body, allowing us to not only observe them, but to shift them and to decide and design much more highly powerful shifts into receiving than you've ever allowed before. The clarity of releasing past life, inner child and ancient history energy in your body and being is ACTIVATING - and so is doing the work with a powerful ass kicking, loving and super cosmic freak genius like me.

Own your frequency, Supernova. There's nobody like YOU.


I have only ONE spot in each of my entry level 1:1 beginning at 1K-3K monthly 90 day commitment. I have THREE spots for my highest level activation and support at 15K monthly, 90 day commitment. When you're ready to truly remember who you are and align with massive action - reach out immediately. 

I am ready - are you? 

It's easy, and only feels scary because this time, you KNOW you will back yourself and BECOME who you always have been. PM to initiate the deepest shift of your life into everything you've been calling in beyond what you've imagined yet!

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