It’s been a powerful few days in my own energy

The portraits are 😍⚡️ and October DROP is magic! Layering it all together and thrilled to drop it always at the right time.
Did you know I channel a monthly audio drop that becomes the sound track and soul selfie support theme music for all the portraits.
The one that members get is full of light language and healing activation beyond the magic of the music. These vibrations support the regenerating shadow work to lift off and integrate.
I can’t wait to drop this month's LIFE CHANGING FREQUENCIES!
My clients have discovered a way to uplift and boost their daily routine with my live and pre recorded content. I’m so excited to bring through what keeps evolving. It is always guided and exactly what divine source guides us to.
I trust my inner authority to bring forward what isn’t here yet and our intentions come together so beautifully and powerfully!
It blows my mind consistently and our collective paradigm shifts forward through these Valtopiasphere streams!
Join the collective! The sales page hasn’t been updated yet. Going to shift it up tonight. Monthly drop, weekly readings and activating streams, and live interactive evolutionary support to integrate, embody and BE the medicine of your soul creativity and passion. And a few spots left to be founding member who earns n hour of soul selfie magic every six months!
You are the change and your modality comes through you and you can feel it!!
You’re just ready to expand and embody yourself more fully! Energy shifting and evolutionary frequencies are here for you. Let it be easy, and let the difficult move us through to easy and expansive.

Love your frequency you are the miracle!

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