It’s time to CELEBRATE what IS!

I didn’t free myself from my own chains of fear, guilt and submission to the “way it is” that isn’t really anything at all from tuning into what ifs, or how’s. I didn’t walk away from my film career and ten year marriage to follow my dreams and risk everything to hang around resting in the status quo or worrying about other people’s opinions. 
My dreams of living free, safe and lit up from the inside to spread compassion and love healing that changes the cosmos through my very deep creative impulse and vision IS my calling. I’ve released the shame, the fear, the obligation and the worry time and again to focus on my faith of this lightning that courses through me as I reflect back to YOU your own magic. Because that is all I see. Sheer magic and LIFE AND LOVE. And the human patterns we are here to shift??! We GET to shift it! We are here to do this!

So yeah it’s cool let’s shift out of scarcity, our of fear, out of questioning our own wisdom and gut instincts and TRUTH that we very well do know. Let us quit stifling our deep energy and vitality because we are ashamed or blinded by o

I am here to guide those of you who have already discovered your deepest lightning bolt and HAVE followed the call. You’ve awakened and now you are expanding more and ready to breathe and grow into more of YOU. 
So that we will be looking back together, at video like this, where I was still in an unhappy marriage, I was just beginning to build my following, I didn’t have support or really know exactly what to do but MY MESSAGE IS SO MUCH THE SAME. I DID AND DO KNOW. So do you. 
Little daily actions and big leaps lead to true shifts. I know because I’ve both leapt and ground hogged day on certain lessons. I am seasoned honay and have evolved through some classic, tough nut situations. 
I love sharing my authentic journey. Anybody I can light up to pick up and rise up like a fiery hot Phoenix of creation with love, compassion and limitless possibilities to LIVE AGAIN FULLY is my joy and gratitude. I am living my dream and I invite you to join us in the Valtopiasphere and thank you my followers for all the love you share with me daily. MUAH



Losing personas and becoming yourself.

Are you holding onto fear?

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You are a leader, messenger, creator, healer, artist, guide, mentor who is big hearted, highly sensitive and too much in your head and not enough grounded into your body supporting your cosmic being in your passion and purpose of life.

You may have learned ineffective ways of honoring your own time, space and money because you are highly empathic and your gifts allow you to feel others more than you’ve fully learned to master and manage yet. So you are calling in

  • Alignment
  • Awakening
  • Energy mastery
  • Life changing mind blowing energy shifts and activations
  • Rapid results
  • Tools to keep evolving


Own your frequency Supernova. There’s nobody like you!

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