It's Not About You?

It can hurt to know deep down inside, your 'people' don't fully trust you. It hurts to feel their disappointment, judgement, lack of faith and decision to stay exactly where they are and not come up with you into your faith and vision for yourself.

Any great change maker, innovator, leader is going to ruffle the status quo and disturb the force.  That IS the idea after all. So the sooner you accept to allow and release any resonance or attachment to your family/tribe beliefs around your particular lifestyle and choices, the sooner you open wide up to the belief deep within that you ARE worthy of the visions that come through you.

It can be incredibly powerful and is vital, really, to journal and write out your thoughts. When you let your worries and angst run around in your head, they literally become THINGS that manifest into your reality! Your mind gets all busy munching down on all these worries, and next thing you know, that IS exactly what you're experiencing. Write that shit down and get it out of your head, and then allow whatever fears, shame, guilt, obligation, stuck energy to release onto the page. Explore yourself with deep curiosity. And then allow yourself to envision, write and CREATE the experience you DO know you can be and live.  With focus, vision and clarity. If you can't get clear and you aren't able to sit with yourself, I understand. I was there too, and still allow myself to come down into my peaceful state of presence more and more each day.

I have discovered and created the most incredible and delightful ways for busy creative energy bomb people to chill down and come into their greatest and deepest state of self awareness and embodiment. I absolutely LOVE the experiences I have together with my clients as we unlock the secrets to their particular "control panel", so to speak. We really do find easy and rapid ways to decompress, detach and deactivate old stories and programs that are keeping my clients from seeing all of themselves. 

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And come here every week and get yo READ on with the weekly cosmic read! This week's energy has been super tricky for some, with real life challenges manifesting and messing with things breaking and life struggles. We feel so tested, and yet we come back up again and again, because we KNOW the magic inside. Have a look at this week's read - take a deep breath and choose 1,2 or 3. 



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