🤔 Do you ever hear your coach/mentor whoever say JUST DECIDE. Nothing happens outside of you until you fully decide on the inside.

So you sit there on your couch and say I DECIDED.


Now what?

If you haven't yet mastered your monkey mind, and don't understand how your own energy works, and you're caught up in the mind fuck of your own mind fuck, you'll feel stuck, disempowered and resort to DOING.

💯I don't care HOW much money you throw at it, if you don't full body all in decide, nothing you're "trying" to shift will come to fruition the way you DESIRE if you're not allowing that desire to guide you into INSPIRED ACTION!

I am here to help you break that pattern, you analytical smart as a whip, left brained DOER!

I am here to crack your shit up and free you from your monkey mind hamster wheel.

I am here to ILLUMINATE your own process of DECIDING AND LIVING the experiences you are choosing.

🚫Not reacting to circumstance.

🚫Not giving up just on yourself after so much hard work.

🚫Not feeling fucked up because you KNOW something is missing.

👉Deciding is informed by inspiration.

👏And if there is ONE thing in the world I've been gifted, it IS the gift of INSPIRATION.

💪Inspiration comes from connecting into your own GENIUS.

🙌Your GENIUS knows the TRUTH of you and has all the answers that guide you to your DESIRES.

👊You are your genius.



⁉️How do we access and stream your FULL genius and WHY??

🌀MMMMMM I am all about it and can't wait to share with you what's coming through.

📩COMMENT below "smartass" if you are a six figure entrepreneur who has all the systems in place, has been making the money but it ain’t funny. You feel trapped in your experience and the anxiety keeps kicking in as you feel GUILTY for not loving what you’ve created more!!

You are bringing in the money 10-15k monthly but lately it’s slipping down and really you’d rather be coming up to 25k months! But you feel so grateful to have achieved what you already do and don’t want to mess with what actually isn’t even really working for you anymore.

If you want me to hook you up to your creativity, genius and GOLD WITHIN so you can finally DECIDE like the boss you are and get the results you so desire I will send you an application to apply to work with me. Turn on notifications and be ready for the activating energy that comes through giving you PERMISSION from within.

Finally shift that immovable financial or weight plateau to the place you've been DESIRING but were too afraid to claim.

Finally BOOK that higher level client you so DESIRE but wouldn't admit before.

Finally kick that nasty habit that you've sooooo been ready to let go of but "couldn't"...

Finally have the courage to shift things in your life and business so you can not only make way more money BUT FUCKING ENJOY THE WAY GOU LIVE AND BE IN YOUR DAY TO DAY LIFE!!

💰There is a formula for this process, and I've repeated it over and over and it gets better and better.

🔥With the latest cosmic upgrades and my own decisive action inspired by my connection to cosmic genius, I have gotten really CLEAR and know WHO I am connecting to and why you are ready to experience ALL of your genius so you can do WAY MORE in such a much easier way!!!

💰OVERFLOW is about feeling so much confidence, certainty and self trust because finally you understand how to quiet your mind, clear fear and anxiety, access your HIGHEST GENIUS and ground the magic of your brilliance RAPIDLY and in a way that LIGHTS YOU UP!!!

🎉The parts of you that have been ignored or suppressed will serve you so much more powerfully when you REBIRTH them through clearing and activating your inner GENIUS honay!!

Own your frequency Supernova there’s nobody like you!

DM for application ⚡️🔥

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