Let them freak out

Let them freak out. Loose their minds. Have a meltdown. Accuse you of nasty things that used to make you crumble and cower and try to accommodate because it was so vile and awful you just couldn’t imagine not fixing and amending this energy and placating this beast of fear and anger that triggered you into submission instantly.

Walk and crush those eggshells. Let them crack and bring forward a new version of being that WILL deal.

A new version mirroring all the work you’ve done inside to back in and believe in compassion, love, strength, self awareness and the activation of life within you. You are clear, connected and a force to be reckoned with and that flaming nonsense doesn’t even make you flinch any more.

You don’t succumbs to tantrums in your kids, or the over grown babies that come out when adults who haven’t healed freak the fuck out.

Let them tantrum and then let them grow up and see how much they can count on themselves and don’t need to siphon off of you. The old you that used to give in and allow yourself to be sucked dry of life so they could not fully live theirs. Fuck that shit. You won’t be a part to that any more. BLESSINGS!!

Rise up empaths, lovers, feelers and knowers. Let us BE all we are which includes power TO not power under.

Own your frequency supernova. There is no one like you


DM for the last spot in my high level 90 day one to one messenger immersion we can address your empathic rise out of narcissistic relationships and codependent programming. I know all about it and I will guide you back to your original soul settings when you show up with me fully and we do this daily incremental shift and big powerful shifts and choose to never look back on the way we were if only to reflect how far we’ve come!!


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