Let yourself believe and receive what IS your divine birth right

We’ve been laughing all day feeling super blessed!

Their daddy watched them during the day the last two weeks and took them to do the best stuff. I’m so grateful we have moved past our own stuff and we get to be kickass co parents. 

Every day I show up in my best energy and believe in the infinite possibilities available. I teach this to my boys. As we were driving out this morning, I proclaimed “we will have the most gorgeous smooth day. Everything unfolds magically. We are always in the right place at the right time. Lines, parking, freeways everything opens up!

We get to starbucks, and nobody is there. We order our drinks and the place fills up behind us. My eldest looked at me wide eyes and said “look at the line we got here in time!!”

I said “that’s how we roll!” 

Then I claimed we would see my sign. Suddenly we see 888 on the license plate in front of us. 

The freeway opens up as we flow onward. 

Now we are celebrating new clients with lego for the boys and sushi. 

Old me didn’t want to share my success. I didn’t want to feel “bad” for those who haven’t what I’ve worked so hard to allow. 

And the truth is, if I’m not sharing, I’m keeping you from what’s yours that you are called to. If I don’t allow you to see how when I do believe, WE RECEIVE. 

Let yourself believe and receive what IS your divine birth right. Be triggered by this and rise up into what is true for your own belief and dream in your life. You can be free, safe, wealthy and healthy. You can believe in the possibilities and quit settling for probabilities. You can rise up as the leader of creation in your life and share it in everything you do. 

Let this energy expand the shift for you - you’ve done the work. Now you can really open up to it!! 

Own your frequency Supernova! There’s nobody like you! 

Calling in you cosmic badasses ready to own their shnizzle and enjoy their days of FREEDOM from the blocks, bullshit and baloney keeping you from giggles, delight and RECEIVING HONAY!!

I’m a single mom, living out my dreams in every area of my life. It’s all yours to live honay I invite you to join us in the ABUNDANT AWAKENED EMPOWERED EMPATH FUCK YEAH let’s do this 30 days of Valtopia surf the cosmic weather like a boss!! Every day you will wake up more ready to jump out of bed and name and claim your LIFE AND BEING. 

YASSSSZZZ. Your shift begins the moment you sign up! Let’s get this party started 🎉🎉🔥valtopia.com

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