Love Drops!

I LOVE it when things come together, with the perfect name, the aligned vibration, the synchronicity and flow of YAS THIS IS IT! 

I'm not gonna lie, it's been an intense few months this year, as I've completely restructured my life experience. As some of you know, I am almost finished moving through a divorce in my marriage. It's nothing that either of us would have ever wanted for ourselves or our precious babies, and arriving at the split was the most difficult experience I've been through. I had to face deep fears, my own truths, and get real gritty to push through some extra challenging moments. My children have been number one on my agenda, and I see and feel their laughter, smiles and cuddles and know that life is coming up just as we are allowing the love to come in so much more and more. It isn't easy to kiss them goodbye and not be with them each and every day, but I'm with them almost daily and we are all blossoming beyond the stuck, tense, contracted place we were before.

As I've moved into my new life, I've been a bit in a cocoon, regenerating, digging deep into my own knowings, my own mind patterns and there was so much RELEASE! I've cried some deep juicy tears of loss, of self awareness, of mind blowing connection deeper and deeper into the vulnerable loving being that is me. Because universe is so miraculous, of course a beautiful cocoon was forming just as I was, and hatched just on Thanksgiving day, a year to the day I truly moved forward, but it took many months before I was in my own space of vibration and choice. I've also been working closely with only a very select few clients at a time, to preserve the experience and assure deep support.

I feel I've transcended a level of my life experience that is no more. I am in a new time space reality and the potential is EXPANSIVE. That can scare the shit out of ya for a minute. :) I'm committed to staying authentic, sharing the real of my story, staying in deepest integrity as a spiritual channel and guide, and also following my intuition as a passionate creative artist expressing powerful universal changing light codes and frequencies. I am also giving myself and all Valtopians permission to FEEL, THRIVE and PROSPER!!! Everything we are co-creating is about opening up to our infinite wisdom, connection and amazing creative power. And it all starts in our hearts.

It has all come together in a most perfect experience. 

The Valtopia Love Drop!! 

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So I'm all organized and shnizzle and writing this blog MYSELF.  I'm even adding MAIL LIST magic - you don't want to miss out. 2018 we are so IN BABY!!!

Join us in our free community Divine Brilliance for Visionary Leaders, or in our easy cost paid experience, the Valtopia Love Drop, or book in for a call and see how I can best support YOU to your most cosmic shining presence, and your most grounded and centered human. :) You've got magic coming through your passion, your light, your art, your vitality and together we energize and strengthen our life force. 

LOVE to you! <3



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