Now rise up and do what you came to be

When you step into the arena of rising up and speaking your truth there is a level of personal responsibility that gets activated and is necessary. You are not investing in magic pills and easy solutions.

You are investing in the belief and commitment to change in your life and the lives of those you support and love and connect with.

You are investing in a truth you feel deep within and know and want to see manifest in your life.

You are investing often in what isn’t tangible and may not be tangible right away.

You get to believe. 
You get to show up. 
You get to decide what you are standing for and BEING in your life.

The choice to enter into a level of personal expression and rising prosperity is a long term decision of life style and soul commitment.

It is not an easy fix with a money back guarantee. You don’t feel amazingly better and then go back on yourself because your having a rough patch. You don’t take the ebb as a sign of disaster and the flow as a sign of success.

You’re in it for the long haul because you’re a world changing pioneer spiritual revolutionary badass!!

You’re driven to disrupt the status quo because you can’t not.

You invest in support and community to believe and buy into what YOU ARE CREATING.

It’s not something outside or separate from your participation and commitment. It is your choice and you show up fully you will receive fully as it is aligned for you.

Don’t compare yourself or your journey to anyone BUT YOURSELF.

Nobody is you or what you came to do and be.

Now rise up and do what you came to be.

And if you forget who the fuck you are, assess the situation and get back on track. Every day is a new day and the past is just a thought in your mind. You get to choose.

Choose your soul guided love and compassion and yes, PROSPERITY.

You came to shift this shit, not settle into it.

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