Of course you're the one!

I’m so grateful to meet and BE with each and every one of you. We are all mother lovin’ brilliant!

Don’t you even think that you’re the only one who is so fucked up you can’t be the one. There is no one like you and you have come to bring your flavor of highest desire - TO EVERYTHING YOU DO. Of course you’re the one! So BE ready for each and every moment that delights and surprises you with opportunities to become yourself more every day. 

Are you ready to find out how fucking fiery and amazing you really are when you decide and allow yourself to be you with support so you don’t go backwards? 

That is leadership. Leading oneself first is the ultimate gift of showing up fully. It’s scary at first, isn’t it? 

We don’t want to let go, or lose our people, or make it worse cuz fuck going backwards. Aw hayull no. 

It is freeing to be clear, in compassion and flexible to your daily alignment back to your boss queen bitch king LOVE Supernova. 

And you do it every day more and more., rockstar. 

We do get to shift out of stuck. 
We do get to believe in and trust ourselves. 
We do get to live a life no one else has ever lived, healthy, weatlhy and free and creating a new story of what it means to be alive. . 

Of course you’re not the only one who doesn’t know how to be you. How could anyone have paved the brilliance of your life and vision you’ve been gifted (aka your longings) that we are allowed to immerse in and CHOOSE. 

I choose you. 


Thank you @msmandyperry for your guidance you are such a fucking amazing badass healer and woo as fuck and left brained power house teacher shining star example awesome sauce friend and cosmic rockstar. I am so grateful to you honoring yourself again and again because the results of your dedication to living fully ARE CHANGING THE PLANET YOU GENIUS. 

I love you. 😘 


DM for 90 days of YOU SUPERNOVA QUANTUM shifting the planet by loving yourself fully. I can’t wait for our expansion together 🙌💜⚡️💋

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