Last night I cleaned my desk late at night as I kept my friend company who was terrified at the violence literally outside her front door and all around her home.

She is safe.

Everything is wrecked outside of her house.

We understand what this is all about and our human is still here in the mix, that’s her street, her house, her space of being where she’s serving out her time like the rest of us. She’s already fled the fires, countless traumas and plenty of corona loss to break a million hearts.

As I stayed with her last night I cleaned and prepared my studio.

My desk is clean and I am ready to work. I have already two sales calls booked today and more. I’m busy. We are working hard from within to access our inner power to shift our own creation.

One leader unlocked can mean thousands and thousands unlocked. In a matter of days. It’s energy. We are in new times.

We know what’s going on AND our human heart breaks open to rebirth into what we never could have ignored or left alone.

It’s time for each of us to do the work.

Own your frequency you are the miracle.⚡️👁

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