PAY yourself from feeling what happens in the quiet of alone

I have often felt like I was standing alone.




I've been on my own, in my own vibe and space, for many years of my being, even as a kid.

We moved so many times, and I was often in a new school.



I have known a feeling of detaching and leaving
And DECIDING to pursue


I just learned again and again, that when you go and start over,
you REBIRTH, you'll be ok on your own, you'll probably make new friends, find new ways of being and BE!



As I learned so much about what I truly guide to my clients NOW as a child, the first part of our journey was the PAIN we experience and the mistaken patterns we adopt as we attempt to soothe and regenerate ourselves.


I experienced this isolation and pain deeply, as I'm very sensitive, and I was often alone with my feelings.

As I became who I am now, I have lost the sting of feeling LONELY, and yet I know the desire and do not wish to be alone, though I cherish my space and time alone.



At times, I've let others in or near the heart of my journey, me.


Mostly, I've stayed the course in my own path, and in doing so, opened up so much more access to my heart ... and me.



We all remember our losses
And remembering our GAINS
Has been what happens to me
When I walk away
or stand still
On my own
And BE.



It's never was easy before to halt the crazy train that can happen
when I was looping in my patterns of birth and clinging to what is for fear of losing it.


Feeling alone and lonely was one that kept me looping into BS for yearssssssssssss.....



Saturday I've felt the collective release of the CONTROL, and that quiet silence of surrender of BEING with what is.



It's that moment when you finally collect all of you together into UNISON.



What truly shifted some deeeep shit for me over these last few years of my journey to completely shifting my life mid-life in every way
to prosperity and pleasure from pain:

WAS that being STILL
and waiting WITH myself
and feeling what happens in the quiet of alone
and me.



This reclaiming of moments to BE is what allows my clients to reach their next level of income and impact.


To TRUST themselves DEEP WITHIN in guidance so they stay the course to the DEPTH of their own selves.



The cosmic passageway we discussed in yesterday's blog is accessed most profoundly and powerfully when coming into this kind of FOCUS and BEING.



I felt such grief and deep isolation yesterday that wasn't mine, but channeled from my next client and so here is today's message:



It is a collective grief, that resides INSIDE your DNA and very being. You haven't yet come into awareness of how it grips much of your presence in subtle ways.



You don't yet know how much it weighs heavy on your body, and keeps your inspiration from coming in freely.


When you do the work to be still, you find yourself impossibly distracted, often it's not even you.


You find ways to refocus, but you can never truly immerse.


When you DO immerse, the feelings that begin to unravel feel so thick, that you get STUCK with those feelings the rest of the day, and it feels irritating!


Instead of feeling deep space calm and zentastic rebirth, you feel fucked up and more tired and now you feel like a dick because you can't meditate like you're teaching your clients they're supposed to. lol



And on that note, you're also shoulding and smack talking yourself the whole time you're repeating your affirmations and doing your Goddess dance.



Every time you shake that booty and tune into that mystical place, you feel BAD somewhere inside of you with shame, and pain, and you don't own that for one second because that is NOT you.



But it's THERE and without you being able to pin point it, it keeps you from opening up and accessing the MAGIC of your GENIUS!



Your body is ready for these frequencies to come through and activate RELEASE of attachment to these outdated modes of connection to others and yourself.


She is ready for you to love and nourish and support her with powerful energetic vibrations and guidance that is like nothing you've ever experienced before.



She is ready for you to wait WITH her as we witness what a true miracle you ARE as you let your cels and vibration come into recalibration with much higher standards, boundaries and VISION priorities in your daily experience than ever before.



I'm coming on live daily, sharing different ways these frequencies work with your body, mind and spirit to unlock your limitless potential and to shift the very bottom line results you want to see in your bank account, love life and BEING.



I work with those of you ready to shift NOW - you'd give ANYTHING to shift these patterns and feel FREE in deep trust and faith to your vision and in your gifts. You want that boss level of manifestation where you create ON DEMAND what you are being guided to!



If you've felt stuck with alone, or feeling lonely within yourself, and keep looping in some secrets or sabotage you've DECIDED to quit and you know will accelerate your next level of leadership in business and in your income, you can apply right here for a deeply intimate and powerful 1:1 journey with a focused attention to you coming into alignment and DELIGHT with yourself, regenerating those parts of you programmed to believe in some tragic story that really is NOT true any more.



You get to leave that past in the PAST and create now NOW.



Your community, your partners, your SOULMATE relationships are here for you as you FULFILL these parts of yourself.



Own your frequency you ARE the miracle!!

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