Permission to ___

Etta Werner-Pittman is so full of life and magic and when she signed up with me last September she wasn’t quite sure what or why she signed up with me but she knew she had to. She has been circling around and finally jumped in for the reboot and is feeling the shifts in her own life!!

Sign up today honay you can join me live or watch the replay in your email for the Permission to _______.

The work works.

The work can fuck you up it’s an intense feeling physically, mentally and emotionally to shift out of stuck patterns. It’s exciting, scary, powerful and you realize how much you have to do with it and that feels FREAKY and shame and guilt comes up. People come and go. Everything comes up for review and it’s full on. How we look at it, you’re creating a life anyway. The work allows us to rise up from within and take ownership and connect in with soul magic like never before or maybe very much like you remember deep in your heart and create a life you love and feel is yours to choose and be!

The ultimate shifts align you back to a place where you’re not lying to yourself and everybody anymore and you can THRIVE. Not survive.

My invitation. This week. Because I believe in you and I certainly believe in myself and this amazing transformational energy and the infinite mind shifts we undoubtedly do here in Valtopia.


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