Are you being called to more?


More of you and what you believe, feel, do and be?


Where are Valtopia's epic visionary creative powerhouses in the making?


What lights you up so big and drives you to come back time and again?


I just received even greater vision of the next six months for the Epic PowerHouse Inner Circle, The Valtopiasphere HIGHEST level of connection and support from me being offered and it is BOSS - I am writing it up now - you'll LOVE it and want to join instantly!


How did I get so lucky to sit at Venice beach and design creative visionary reboots to invite us into our deepest and highest resonance with soul frequencies, clear of others, clear of the matrix of programming and conditioning we've been layered with, clear of resonance with toxins and deep immersion into the all that is and YOU as you desire to BE in the all that is on ALL LEVELS?



Oh yeah - it's not LUCK - I chose this and remembered who the fuck I am and I faced the truth, and continue to ball up and face myself, my world, my own inner knowing to come out to a place of deep presence and connected wisdom for myself, for my kids, for my clients, for Valtopia.



THAT is what I call you to in my "mastermind" - a collective of fiery spiritual revolutionary queen boss babes READY TO GO ALL IN AND COMMIT to 2019 divine connection, clarity and commitment to EPIC LIVING in all ways to lead YOUR tribe community to their ultimate living and prosperity. As you rise and fill your cup to limitless you allow the abundance creation flow to spill over and you can't help but NOT GLOW and illuminate everything around you.



You have asked to receive




to feel light and masterful

to feel certain and exude confidence

to walk in a room and without every saying a word, shift the entire dynamic to light and creation, simply by your mere presence

to master your energy and guide others to their awakening, presence and prosperity


deep intimacy and love

a wild woo wealthy life where you are FREE and sovereign and liberating others to THEIR own knowing, wisdom and FREEDOM of heart and being THE MORE YOU BE YOUR TRUE SELF!


Your visions, your longing, your calling to do and be the most of your beautiful energy and presence that has been kept from shining, and now begins to radiate so much light and warmth to so many, that is your soul purpose and calling.


Does that mean you have only one calling?


NO it means you chose to come and do and be you in this life, and all these desires are your CLUES as to remind you who you are!



When you truly surrender to your soul passion and listen to those subtle intuitive hits that get more clear and compelling as you allow your life to be a CHOICE more and more, you RECEIVE and flow into the state of being that is GUIDED and devoted to and allows you to be in a state of magnetic miraculous MOJO.


If you haven't found a mentor who will tell you the truth, THE TRUTH of you now in your moments up until now, and sit with you in an objective way and guide you through the trauma, drama in a way that connects you in more deeply to yourself than ever, and results in SHIFT in a way that you can share this instantly and continue to grow rapidly and radiantly, you are being called to do so now.


If you haven't had a space in which to
experiment with your blossoming gifts,
such as your deepening perception, your uncanny knowing, your ability to read everyone's energy and patterns, perhaps you see and know medical intuitive information,

perhaps you connect beyond the "normal" and have stuffed that knowing away,

perhaps you are highly FEELING and would like to experiment with your extra sensory YOU that is already a deep part of what you do, but you haven't trusted and learned about it yet in a way

that lights you up and feels like you always KNEW
but just needed to open up a bit more
and be guided with it,

this is the space you're being invited to.


If your mentor doesn't leave you feeling lighter,
jazzed up,
returned to centered, grounded and wildly activated
into your focus,
your devotion and discipline,
your compassion
and your inspired action and support?



You are being CALLED IN.


If you desire to CLAIM the next six months like a true rich hot badass and set up your monthly


and shape your moments like the baller you ARE - cosmic rockstar on the leading edge of awakening SO MANY - embody to the level of impact you have been called to - THIS IS FOR YOU!!!! JOIN NOW HONAY!!


This is my calling - as a campaigner/Manifestor.


It is in my star charts and natural human design to call you to action and give you permission to EPIC LIVING AND CHOICES!!


Not eerybody understands how we do - we live this way naturally and when we don't, we die down a little more each time. The more we follow our inner light and fire, those of us meant to shine and bring the fire?


The more the passion ignites clarity and compassion all around us - but from within US.


Stoke your inner fire and stay the course of your epic creative visionary leadership and join me today.


Your community is waiting for your magic.


Your impact awaits you owning your frequency all the way!


maui valtopia

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