Pissed because someone is challenging your boundary?

Let me hit you with a couple of scenarios:

You've been working hard. The house is a mess, but you've spent quality time with the kids, and you got so much done towards your goals with that focus you were able to achieve so much. But the people who live with you don't give a rat's ass about your goals, they're wondering why the place is a "dump". You eat your insides with rage. You're so triggered, you don't even realize your pissed off because not only did they doubt you, but you realize, you're doubting and defending yourself. You get mad and snap. You feel righteous, because you're defending your boundary.

You've been working with someone for years. Suddenly, as you're about to go big on the scene, they're asking for HALF? You lose your mind and feel fiercely guarded for your boundary.

Now - let's take this moon energy and understand and thank it for these potent triggers bringing up to the surface that which we need to adjust our flow to. Here's the switch.


When you feel that anger, recognize your limit, and take the moment you need to calmly embody your truth from your grounded and centered heart based beingness. THEN you calmly and compassionately share your stance, your view, your desire and what your next choice includes. When you stay grounded in that truth, you offer that space of compassion to those around you, and chances are they will be much more able to receive what you are clearly delineating.

I love it when cosmos lines up all synchronicity style and you feel the alignment of divine truth and love. As I get more quiet and spend more of my life experience focused on my own breath and energy, to allow in the deepest connection and flow, I feel it happening daily. In the past few days I've experience so many miraculous moments with many of you, from various readings, client sessions and group healing experiences.

The message is coming through loud and clear with this fiery moon! This moon is about the love, fire and passion of the center of the earth (and creation).

With this warm and loving energy, burn away the walls around our hearts, and allow us to stand in our value and truth, receiving and magnetizing to us that which we define.

We can stand in our boundaries in compassion and calm clarity and we will embody what we desire and in turn, see that reflection in those we love.

When we believe, they believe. Our own self trust allows others to trust us.


I sought support to learn to compassionately stand in my value on honor my own boundaries. I needed support to get through my own limitations, fears and deeply wounded triggers. I'm here to guide you back to your own life force and energy minus the layers of conditioning, programming and centuries of beliefs. To learn more, join us in our free community, or message us for more information. We just had a new moon and powerful audio/visual clearings and activations await you as well as life transformational sessions. You can book today and be supported immediately. 

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