Powerful Guided Audio Healing

I am grounded. I am safe. I am loved. I breathe. I am and I love. Sometimes we feel the weight of the world and all the shifts and the pain and suffering that go with it weigh upon us. There is so much happening in our world. We can be picking up on all this grief, anxiety, stress and we can get into survival mode. 
I will be offering a special healing around family, the balance of love and survival and our shining presence and BEing. It will be a beach side, guided channeled healing audio visual that you can purchase and listen to as many times as needed. This is intended to uplift, calm, awaken good energy and self reliance, love in family and flow in life. With a release, We always create an activation with it. Know that there is an arc to each healing experience no self care is a MUST. 💖

You can purchase in advance for $11.00 today, 10/5/2016
After today it will be available for $22.00 for the next week. 


Recording will be delivered by end of week if not before. 
Holding space for each of you.

I have been offering audio visual treats, gifts and healing for months as a gift and today I am offering for you to be included in this week's audio healing for an easy fee of $11 for just today.
Still time to sign up for the initial price:
After today will double and then be offline as soon as the next one is generated.
Today's healing will be channeled including Arcturian energies, empowered energetics and Valtopian love.
We are releasing fears, anxieties of playing small, hiding in fear of our miraculous gifts and energy, and stepping into bold courage to shine. We are allowing collective healing energy to quell the storms brewing around the globe and within ourselves and our own families to create peaceful, loving, calm and creative energy that brings us into our divine flow and wisdom.
Audio/visual will be emailed to the email in the paypal link I receive. Thank you to those of you who have signed up. I am so looking forward to these energetic shifts.

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