Pussies don't need saving Honay

How about NOBODY is the victim and we rise up out of old BS that keeps us in stale and in endless loops of arguments, isolation and mind fuckery.




and get ahold of your moments and choose some quiet to get centered and OWN that situation like a bossss.


Need to get your shit together?


Join me for my awesome two week "Clean Slate, Clear Vision".

Clean Slate Clear Vision

We can get all old school style and try some discipline like "No more excuses, just face what it is so we can shift this!" and your little girl will go running and screaming to the nearest dopamine hit.

Stop chasing cozy dopamine hits, and learn to own your feels and sensitivity and get over being a perfectionistic, people pleasing pussy needs saving victim bullshit story.

Eerbody put their suspenders and thigh high furry boots on, and crack that whip honay cuz it's time to GET TIGHT AND GET RIGHT in Clean Slate Clear Vision two weeks with Valtopia!


We begin 1/25/2019. 

I keep having to get over myself to show up the way I do, and to keep finding deeper levels of trust to show you all the real fire and bold cosmic creatrix that I am. 

There are collective energy releases we can do together in a fun, powerful and simple way. You can join the collective and be social, or you can stay safe in your own energy field and receive the recordings at your convenience.

You will know what to do. Trust me, you are not the ONE that doesn't have access to this energy or these activations! I've worked with many people over several years of all different types of beliefs.

Beliefs, energy, connection - it is universal - but YOUR desire to connect here with me? And be drawn in to transform the collective in this FUN and powerful and visionary way?


 Today's fiery livestream NO MORE ASS KISSING!

Valtopia Golden Key

LINK for this coming tomorrow!! 

This is your chance to cut loose and call in your cosmic woo, shake yo money maker, RECEIVE and magnetic oclock!

I am DONE with creatives, artists, musicians, the ones WITH the visions and the empathic powers GIVING AWAY your power.

Rise up and get lit with me honey - it's time to say "fuck this shit" to old messages running in your head that stop you from feeling your best, meeting your love, making your money and feeling like you, honay.

You've seen me transform over the last few years, and if you haven't, you CAN. It's all there on facebook, insta and here. I see you on the wave, next to me, surfing like a rebel boss and coming back up, time and again, owning your shit like the rockstar queen/king fire that you are.

There has been intense energy storms hitting us these days, and I'm sure many of you are feeling it. It is a KICKA$$ way to level up into DESIRED states of being, rather than getting stuck or settling for misaligned living.

Don't come to me with all the reasons you cannot, but admit what you WON'T. I know! I was there - in a BAD situation, and it felt like nobody wanted to "SAVE" me because it wasn't convenient, financially, or otherwise.


The truth is, that as I began to come into greater and greater AWAKENESS about my own feelings, body, truth, I realized my situation from an objective perspective to where I could actually DO SOMETHING TO ALLOW A POSITIVE CHANGE.

When I was feeling trapped and allowing myself to wallow around in the fear and just give in to all the scary scenarios and "reality" that was facing me.

That was MY victim mentality not taking ownership of the boss bitch that I am and how I don't need to fall into old crappy stories about being a pussy that needs saving.

I saved myself - not by myself, not at all. In face, it is in asking for the very special kind of support I needed, that I broke through to deeper levels of vulnerability, intimacy and trust. Something I was deflecting and still do and am here to learn so much about WITH you as a collective. We are learning to trust and open our hearts and be ALIVE fully.


It all started with my own belief that no matter what, the steps I was called to take were truth and savior for ME, so I followed them, with a shit ton of resistance, let me tell you, because I've been a hard head that way.


Monkey mind

Distraction (I got real good at that one)









Manifestor - WHEN I am aligned and centered and in my Valtopia Love Drop Center

Abundant AF - flowy, magnetic, magical


All that stuck and compacted shit? I had to say FUCK that shit Val - you either decide today that you are going to lead yourself with vision and clarity into your intentional living, or you might as well admit that you WON'T be doing it.


So now

Can't is a dirty word in the


I see way beyond your can't, and you sure can.


And so can I.


And when we make a powerful commitment and become a part of the energetic community of breakthrough living that IS happening everywhere around, if you choose to see in and believe in yourself, and your ability to reset, reboot, and regenerate whatever beliefs you have that are keeping you in a loop of denial of your life purpose and nourished and thriving life force, you will begin to see that reflected back to you all around you. 

The I can't,  will become an I won't, and then you'll say fuck that shit, and come to me so you CAN.

When you do see you in the Valtopiasphere honay!


Don't tell me all the reasons you want to stay right where you are and keep all cozy in the 'fuck this shit' zone.

Just don't.


Tell me why you WILL be rising up and finding the answers within and why you WILL find a way beyond the triggered reactions and sabotage keeping you confused and overwhelmed or complacent or apathetic or silent or sick.

Tell me how you ARE shifting into a space of possibility, decision and presence in your life in small and incremental ways

each day

that begins



I share #evidence


through me,

AND my clients

that we CAN!!


I am releasing the need to please anybody other than the divine soul I see in you that is motherfuckin' POWAH and those of you drawn to me, in your deep and magical empathic and gifted visionary being, your soul DOES know and feel that I have keys to unlock the code of you WITH you TODAY.

golden key

So follow your intuition,

wake up to your own KEEN awareness,

and stop the tape recorder of the old programming, conditioning,

and the broken old story of the genetic blueprint you've known and were actually born to shift.


You chose this and you were born for it.

Those of you that are ready to clear stuck energy, awaken new brain patterns and awarenesses and FRESHEN UP your vitality and perspective! 

We have the PAID LIVE TWO HOUR ABUNDANCE AWAKENING on Sunday 1/20/2019 3.33 pm PST

For a DEEP and powerful experience for TWO WEEKS join in for Clean Slate Clear Vision we begin 1/25/2019.

You don't need anything but to show up for yourself as guided by me, virtually, for two weeks.

Two weeks that will shift how you see yourself, how you feel about what you can and can't do, and how you will ALWAYS know how to find a way to a calm and present center.

There will be audio visual content, sound and color frequencies, and the flow will be guided by those who sign up!

Let's get to shifting cosmic rockstar! See you in the Valtopiasphere.


Own ya frequency honay! Nobody like you!



JOIN US to shift these patterns and awaken YOUR super powers of sensitivity and BOLD vision and creation in your life. RISEUP from within and find your flow and most amazing sense of grounded and centered being with tools to take away FOREVER 

clean slate clear vision






 After working with hundreds of healers, guides, and incredibly gifted power boss visionaries, the ones who responded most deeply and rapidly had already done many years of work. But they had been denying and caging and protecting certain aspects of themselves, unknowingly. 

I have a unique and natural gift in inspiring and facilitating transformational breakthroughs that then allow my clients to finally understand and embody the work they've been doing for years.


I am a complement and fill a very specific NEED in the community. I am here to support EXTRA sensitive, HIGHLY empathic, creative visionary humans ready to shift their DNA to the next level of being. As a collective, we are releasing very specific patterns of pain and trauma that have been experienced over eons. We are extra protective in our perfectionism and people pleasing, trauma based codependence because the attachments are hidden and elusive to us.


I get it, because I too have been a tough nut, reluctant to let go of certain beliefs, ideas, people, behaviors. I was so darn sensitive and it took A LOT of work to understand the tremendous blessing of being that highly aware and gifted in the traits for which I have been banished and isolated and punished. THAT space of being is so familiar to us, we have a hard time imagining and allowing ourselves to envision beyond what we've known.


But we are being invited to and have in fact come to do just this!


You see, we get placed in strife in order to find our way, lest we be complacent, peaceful and never allow for the shift we have designed. You can feel the connection of the ancients who lived once in bliss calling you, reminding you of your promise. My clients and I feel this calling deeply, inexplicably, palpably. If the word Lemuria strikes any feels in you, we are soul family and you have been called.


Our flow, freedom and success depends on our ability to choose our highest and most aligned experience.


That can be a bitch for some of us, as we hang on tight to our genetic programming and life conditioning. You can invest in mindset until pigs fly, and you won't absorb the material until you shift these very codes and matrixes of living.


As in YOU NEED TO EMBODY in a way that allows you to BE the frequency of your desires. And the very stubborn patterns you've invited yourself to clear and release as you're living them are your test and triumph, should you choose any and all divine methods to conquer your fears, face your fuckery and find your flow.


I'm here and we are doing it DAILY in Valtopia, honay.

Book in for a diagnostic

 Valtopia energy READ on YOUR specific sensitivities, gifts and patterns bit.ly/ValtopiaBook

We can listen and open up the energy around 

And JOIN US in the wakey wave Valtopia meetup!

Valtopia Meetup

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