I used to get peeved by these posts proclaiming the above. I almost wrote ‘hate’ but that felt too strong, because I never let myself fully acknowledge how frustrated I was that others were bursting through certain levels of awareness and aligned financial breakthroughs and I wasn’t. It was my inability to acknowledge my frustration and sheer “fuck this” feeling of working my ASS off for years and years, and not truly committing deeply to all awareness and aligned being that held me there longer than I would have had to. That and a myriad of other secret programs, conditionings, thought patterns, fears and all sorts of other attachments and layers that were keeping me running from myself and my knowing of what I do really want. I’m still unlocking so much of myself, but the shift is powerful when you realize, you DO get to choose, and choose all the way. Not in a dreamy sort of far off, far away, mystical place kind of thing, but right now!


Stop denying your sheer frustration at not having fulfilled your desires.

You’re side swiping yourself and in doing so you’re holding yourself hostage in a level of being you do not desire.


This has been one of the most powerfully shifting awarenesses I’ve come into.


And for most of you Valtopians, you ARE people pleasing, get right to it, make it happen, power through kind of people. And those are GREAT tenets to have - such character and strength!! We just need to shift the dial of awareness to acknowledge what we’ve denied, ignored, pacified, and stuffed down for fear of disrupting the peace, because it was easier to just handle it, because it wasn’t so bad, because because because…..


Stick to your vision, find your discipline, try new and scary things and allow yourself to shift into new spaces by acknowledging you ARE NOT satisfied with things the way they are and that maybe you DO need more time to yourself, or another workout, or a more costly supplement, or to invest in a course for yourself that would allow you to know your own worth so deeply and impenetrably that you’d never doubt your birthright and damn desire to HAVE IT ALL in the way you’ve envisioned!!! And then you’d actually do the thing, be the thing, bring to action the vision you’ve been pursuing so deeply but not fully attaining. You’ve invested deeply already and I know how much you care, and how this holds you in a sort of blindness.


I am not here to praise your humble generosity and rescue you only to have you beat yourself up when you STILL aren’t listening to yourself, seeing yourself, being the YOU that we so need you to step into. No.


We all get to believe and receive what is already inside of us and we are only fooling ourselves and stopping the expansion of our beautiful soul guided living and prosperity when we BYPASS the truth of our own deepest wisdom, longing and desires.


Own your Frequency. There is nobody like you.




Do you believe you get to have it all? Are you ready to strip away that remaining percentage of you that's still mired in some doubts, fears and disbelief of your great vision and ability to live your passion and truth?

Are you committed to yourself and your vision and ready to back yourself ALL THE WAY and go all in with the powerhouse support of a guide who is living the truth of my purpose and evolving rapidly to world wide impact and deep cosmic connection?

My gift is to awaken, integrate and activate your deepest cosmic self allllll the way here on earth and throughout the cosmos through my very unique methods of shifting mindset, behavior, energy and lifestyle to support you in your EPIC LIVING.

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My client is big hearted and full of so many ideas and deep down inside, is meant for great magic in the world. But the world shaped this great gift by serving up an extra dose of wounding and trauma in life. The trauma may have been experienced in this life or past.  My client is super empathic and “feels” everybody. Everybody but herself. She’s so busy saving and helping and feeling outside of herself, she has forgotten and doesn’t even know she isn’t feeling herself!


Book in here for a consult to design your most powerful mentorship. 

She HAD to learn to feel, know and think of others for survival, and whenever she did express her needs, her desires, her truths, they were shot down, minimized, ridiculed. And truth be told, she didn’t have so much time to think for herself. Someone or many in her childhood were overly controlling, even abusive and she learned and knew deep inside it was easier to shrink, hide and dim the supernova light that she truly is.

But she’s tough. She’s a badass inside. She might dip down and even go dark, but she always comes back up. She’s resilient and fiery and like a Phoenix ready to rise, when she remembers who she is and remembers to feel and know herself.

But the trauma runs deep, as do the neural patterns, conditioned behaviors, ideas and beliefs within her and they’re like shrouds over her true desires, feelings and MAGIC. She will rise up and make huge strides and shine in sheer and absolute confidence, and then the trigger will resurface the trauma and fear messages will flood her body without her even knowing it, because, hello! She’s so busy worrying about and fussing over everyone else she doesn’t notice the very clear signals her own subconscious mind is sending her.

So she retreats, sabotages, suffers and surrenders to everything but her soul guided wisdom and self love and she doesn’t even know she’s responding to those old triggers why’re buried so deeply. She feels so much guilt, shame and fear, sheer fear, because here she is again, frustrated, feeling alone and overwhelmed and all she can think is HOW??! And doubt creeps in and she sinks even further into darkness until the next moments of self awareness and memory, where she will surface again.


If she doesn’t get into her body deeply, become clear on her own energy, truth and being as discerned from others, and learn to say no to everything that isn’t aligned and soul guided and nurturing for her own well being, she will continue to repeat the same cycle, reinforcing the same story and pattern she has always known, convincing herself that her greatest fears, guilt and shame are true.


This is the hardest work for my hard working, over achieving, over thinking clients to even consider, because everything in them responds as a big “RUN!!” Or “HIDE” subconsciously stopping her from digging in deeper. She stops, feeling blocked, disconnected, unable to know, feel and hear her own answers, even though she can certainly find them for everyone else! So she continues to distract and self destruct, slowly all the while doing her very best, confirming her experience of often being DENIED. The thing she hasn’t owned yet is that she is a cosmic visionary creative leader!! Nothing she brings forward has been done yet! No one will understand or approve what she brings through until she herself believes in and manifests it. Their doubt cannot be hers. Their fears cannot be hers and deep down inside she KNOWS that the fear isn’t hers. She just hasn’t detached yet from everyone else to become the sovereign boss cosmic revolutionary  that she truly is.


If she doesn’t stop, drop and reboot into alignment with the magic in the most expansive and embodied way, she will continue to repeat the same lessons, only the toll on her body, on her psyche and the “friends and family” will layer on more fear, guilt and shame through which she’ll ricochet from one outside source to another, seeking answers, spinning her wheels, meaning headway and then stretching back to the comfy zone, never truly becoming the visionary leader and bringing through the light and fire and shifts she came to do and be. The results will show in her physical body, with extra weight, or not enough weight, addiction, anxiety, depression, inflammation and imbalance.

Restless and overwhelmed, she may be adding so many more years to her struggle and pain to her psyche  than she has to!


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