Reasons You Should Just Stop Following Your Dreams Now

I think I can't.

It is too much.

I'll fuck it up I am fucking it up.

It's ridiculous.

No one likes me.

Everyone thinks I'm an idiot.

I'm ruining everything.

I need to tone myself down or change myself and what I offer in order to "reach the masses".

Maybe I don't want to reach the masses but I want to reach those who need to hear - so maybe I'm just not cut out for this.

I can't keep track so I don't deserve to receive.


... and other fucked up mind chatter I'm here to highlight and obliterate that EVERYBODY goes through at one time or another on their journey to their own magic.


Honey, I could go on, and I hear it from my clients, myself, and I see it around me. Shit, I may even have heard some of that crap from people who LOVE me! When I thought I wanted to go online and sell my art work and work for myself so I could be with my kids, nobody had any idea what I'd end up doing, including myself. Nobody recommended to me to begin this process, by any means. And even as I began to have success (maybe not so much financial initially, but most certainly growth in my tribe and community and an overnight bestseller on amazon) I still questioned each idea and launch, as did my well meaning family. I'm always coming into deeper levels of my own dream,  vision and creation and still question each move as I go - it gets easier when you have so much experience behind you but the core bundle of nerves, doubt and worthiness can flare up again each time.

This is why I've enlisted support each and every step of the way. Because I have cared TOO MUCH about what others think and it has been tricky to stop avoiding myself with business and distraction. I've spent a life time on the fence between kissing ass and/or boldly forging my own way. I stretch and shrink between the two, as many of us do. It's in the stretch and how we stay and lean into that stretch that determines our growth and landing power to bring through our dreams, our visions and our creations. 

I've known arching "success" where I've buckled down with clarity, focus and commitment and had experiences that took me far beyond the point at which I began. And I've known agonizing sabotage, that looks like time rolling out in limbo, where decisions don't get made, hamster wheel actions keep me stuck in a terrifyingly familiar place of how the fuck am I gonna do this? These stages are the ebb and flow of the creative cycle of life, and I remember that the deepest and most effective change comes from a true embodiment of shift - body, mind AND spirit. 

I'm coming into a period of deep shift and I can't wait to really push my body physically to support the profound container I'm allowing. I am sharpening my knife, so to speak, and honing in on my core essence, energy and fire. This is the most powerful time any of us can honor, and yet the scariest, especially if you're submerged in a place of scarcity and the daily grind. YOU MUST reclaim your time, your space, your BEING with focused, well intentioned rest, rejuvenation and regeneration. This investment into you will shape you, your presence, your choices, your everything. 

So yeah, stop right now following anything OTHER than your dreams and get back into nourished, rested, rejuvenated and magical so you CAN dream from your heart, from the cosmos, not operate on auto pilot hoping and wishing for different. 

Remember, a new mindset is only a thought away, and your life is right now in each and every moment you choose it.


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