Rebirthing and Regenerating to Higher Levels of Recalibration

The part of the nail that looks so sad and thin and broken?

That’s my old nail that was UNDER the fake polish. I guess my skin didn’t like to be under all that lacquer... even though it was the powder and supposed to be easier.

The clear and solid bit is the fresh nail growing now, without disruption or suppression. Soon I will have a whole and healthy nail as it grows fully in and I allow it.

That’s how I feel you are when you come to me, powerful cosmic leader.

Layers over in shiny polish, fake FRONTING on your page. Surface level connection and commitment from you and your community because there is not true freedom to expand coming from within YOU.

The split and weak foundation under the layers of polish and veneer is not truly you!

Once we remove them, and allow breath to regenerate and reactivate what once was muted, you recalibrate and rebirth just like my new nail.

Why is it so EASY to fulfill your passion and purpose?

Why is it so easy to receive and connect to my own simple and delightful, magical, luminous and lucrative solutions of BEING that better my life and the life of ALL??!

This is FEELINGS and processing them rapidly and prodigally to build a new foundation another stripping off the veneer.

If you can’t admit to yourself the truth of your own needs and desires, if you’re still giving outside judgement and requirements power OVER your expansive leadership and integrated self, then its time to book in and take a few weeks to immerse in removing what isn’t you and rebirthing what is truly here already awaiting liberation.

Three weeks.


New foundation of being growing after we remove the layers of shellack.

5 weeks


Rebirthing and regenerating to higher levels of recalibration of your own vision, standards and energy levels.


Own your frequency you are the miracle! ⚡️


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