Reboot, Regenerate, Refocus

That's right. That's what I'm creating. A reboot. I’m not gonna lie, the end of a project is a time I have tended to idealize, and so look forward to, and then when it's the actual time, somehow I've managed to string the deadline out beyond and into my ME time of restart. Self sabotage or intended flux?

We need time to rethink what we've just been through. To every experience, there is a cycle of events, a pattern of expansive living that you can follow as a gentle guide. In film production, we called the end of the project phase, a post mortem.  We would sit around a table, or fill out a survey, and offer our opinions as a team, as to how everything went, and what we would change for the future. 

I am in the post mortem, and the pre production phase at the same time right now, and thank goodness.  It is stabilizing to have one foot here and one foot there. Now I ask to receive with clear focus and connected receiving, delightful visions and inspirations,  gorgeous music and audio creations, beautiful collaborations that inspire, awaken and empower each of us to our most thriving energies, ideas and galactic flow.  Galactic Flow is that infinite glow of self resonance and mastery, awakened and conscious vibration of love and light that magnetizes to you the consistent clarity, creativity and connection you know lives deep inside of you, always.  Galactic flow is our gift to ourselves and all those around us, connecting into the fabric of our interwoven energies and the one-ness of the all that is. I am creating activations for Galactic Flow, and they have been so delightfully received. Get ready!!


I am wrapping up a few stunning portraits, and editing together the most delightful version of our live webinar, 90 minutes to Epic Video Rockstar. What a phenomenal session and experience we had!! I can't wait to share the LIVE video testimonials of these lovely and bright lights. 


YOU can get over your inhibitions, resistance or reluctance to shining your light on your cause, business or art by joining the mail list and being FIRST to receive YOUR forever copy of this incredible experience AND join in the fb group, where you can practice safely and with love and inspiration, your live video feed and message. 

In 90 minutes, you too will be on your way to being an epic video rock star on the inside AND the outside. Get more visibility, clients, connections, express yourself and find your inner magic through the modality of live video. 


Book in before the holidays and while they are still available - a Valtopian Vision Portrait month - four sessions AND a healing and magnetizing activation portrait only $497.00  so GET on this NOW! #doit I will be shifting my offerings as I head into some new collaborative projects in the next couple of weeks. 


Check out last week’s Valtopia tv (uploading shortly) - we had some great connections and a gorgeous sunny day. 


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