Such a powerful day of heart joy with my boys.

I didn’t grow up by the beach and it took me a lot to get here. So when my kids always complain about the sand, I wanted to face palm the funk outta myself.

It’s such a beautiful reflection to have my boys swimming in the ocean together, the three of us laughing over inside jokes and finally enjoying the beach together!! Like HUGE!!

I saw some interesting things at the beach today that reminded me of my old me.

Kids fighting incessantly over dumb stuff driving their mom to get up and leave in sheer frustration and exhaustion.

A dad, losing his shit on his wife and young kids. Shouting and pointing his finger at them from a distance “YOU!! YOU RUINED MY LIFE!!”


It felt so out of place to unleash his anger in such an openly blissful setting of sun and laughter and it reminded me of how far we’ve come. And what I won’t tolerate ever.

Life gets to be way better than what many of us were taught and especially those of us who got used to some
deep control program or were born with the terror of our ancestors that was forged into our DNA and kept in our ego memories.

Tripping us up at every rise. Watch out. You’ll be seen and get killed and hurt everybody else while you’re at it.

We get to change that story.

That we should let a temper burst and well over, allowing children to cower as parents lose their shit without the support they need to rest, thrive and rise up beyond the circumstances of before and of now.

Everything Is evolving so rapidly and our kids deserve the best of us.

We get there by claiming it, believing in it and settling for nothing less than our SOUL RIGHT standards of being!!


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