RISE UP to your soul calling again and again

Before there were memes saying LEAP I leapt. time and time again. 

I’ve always had a huge calling to follow my intuition and pursued what felt true before I could see it in the flesh but know it in my heart. 

People gave me shit all along the way. 

I slowed my journey a lot with scattered energy and trying to please others. 

My journey to self mastery, integration and trusting my own very clear signal despite the disapproval or lack of even attention or love from anyone else about until it comes into fruition began at a very young age, before I had access to any of what we have these days. 

I’ve always risen up to my soul calling even when I didn’t know that’s what it was or what I was doing. I didn’t even know I was able to “read” others until a few years ago. I just made a lot of assumptions about a lot of things. 

It’s the assumptions and letting yourself down for others who aren’t in your passion and purpose and calling that stops the flow of a life led in purpose and creativity. 

It’s my unwillingness to give up on my dreams that allowed me to come out to Los Angeles when nobody thought I should. I have numerous film credits and worked on Oscar winning films. I e had incredible experiences traveling and creating before I even got to this stage of life and with everything I’ve brought through with Valtopia. I could die today and feel like I’ve done so much to back in and believe myself and see to truth my vision. 

I’m not here to tell you how to get rich quick and never have to work a day again. I am here to guide you to rise up TO WHAT IS CALLING YOU!!

Quit comparing or worrying about anyone else!

I’m here to bring you home to that fire inside, the light within, the essence of you THAT NOBODY CAN TAKE AWAY but YOU. 

Be a rebel and back yourself like never before. Immerse in your own juicy center. Bring it. There’s nobody like you and what you got is amazing!!
Join us in VALTOPIA honay!

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