I am irritated.
I'm sick of playing something I'm not. I keep thinking I'm not doing that, but it's so clear to me now.
I am not your healer, your shaman or your spiritual guide. I am. And I love. And I create vital, juicy, magnetic and delightful energy because that is who and what I am and ask for, always.
In being at my most passionate, aware self, I create color, rhythm and vision and in absorbing the energies I allow to pass through me from the cosmos, and the all that is, you shift in response energetically. It's the law of the universe. So let's make it amazeballs, shall we? I'm not saying getting in the Gflow is always quick and easy, but I am saying my full intention is to #rockstarlovebomb it all the way and give my everything to loving fully, laughing heartily, and standing up and into my MEness that shines and resonates fully embodied within the me that is completely alive and giving and receiving the beauty of this human experience.
So in an effort to label and package myself up to serve out my goodies, I've been putting myself in a damn box. I'm out the box, baby.
And that's where you come in. You are inspired, multidimensional, radiant and complex and your light shines brightly and your darkness goes deep. The whole of you, integrated, balanced into your own secret sauce of magnetism, delight and flow. Because you are already that, and you know that. But sometimes we get stuck, or lost, and forget some of our magic. Our subconscious protector mind comes in to keep us playing safe, and not stretch beyond our comfort zones. And speaking from experience, my most thrilling moments in life have come from repeatedly pushing myself out into a completely fresh territory of unknown. What I did know was something deep inside of me, that always guides me. Always. I may try to tune it out, or not receive, but it's always there. And that feeling of knowing, playfulness, delight in life, a bit of creative chaotic abandon, and genius expression of your light? That's a rockstarlovebomb. And we need rockstarlovebombs right now. More than ever we are ready to receive and have Love. So are you a rockstarlovebomb creator? Tell me. I'm growing a tribe.

Love you.

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  • Yes that’s me!!!!! says...

    Yes i too ,am finding my tribe
    Those who want to sing laugh create
    DANCE and spread love
    That’s my kind of tribe yes🦋

    On Jun 11, 2019

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