Sabotage to Supernova

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YASSSS I've taken time to tune into our collective energy and draw three cards from which you can choose. What is the REVEAL??
Take a deep breath.
Ground your energy by feeling your body.
Ask yourself, one, two, or three?
Here is your weekly cosmic energy read REVEAL!
I love these cards all together!!!

Those of you who picked 1, you are feeling your #rockstarlovebomb #supernova magic!!! Balance of inner and outer realities is key to mastering this energy.

If you picked 2, you are delving into or feeling the pull to unlocking your own shadow illumination. This is your own power to light up from within by exploring the feedback of your own resistance, where you may feel shame, guilt or fear that keeps you from your own supernova magic.

If you picked 3, you are feeling the call of your inner child. Perhaps you are feeling deeply sensitive, or you are feeling super irritated by an interaction with someone close to you. Take a step back and find compassion for yourself, for the other person and recognize you can release the energy from your subconscious that is triggering the reaction. You can shift your mind to update and reprogram to who you are now. You can let your inner child know you've got his/her back and won't let them down and that it is safe to feel and be. 

Book in for your own personal 
Valtopia strategy session 
to breakthrough from Sabotage to Supernova.

It is "trying" something over and over with focused and committed intention that is the BEING that is your becoming. What you repeatedly do with love and nourished attention will grow and evolve with you, as you allow it.

How much you open and allow the space, time, and investment towards the actions taken in the direction of your divine directives is how much you'll surrender and allow the cosmic creation to merge with your divine, earthly presence.

I'm going all in. Super extra. Extra extra all the way in the hot tub.

I've invested deeply in "getting over myself" because I desire to fully show up and often I've been fractured in my presence.

Even though I was a gorgeous multi talented passionate and vibrant woman, i couldn't see or feel that. Instead I felt so much doubt and insecurity within myself and about myself. I used to pop caffeine pills to stay UP and feel the energy levels that felt good to me. Something about those guarana pills helped me feel like I was speeding up my metabolism and I felt energized. I worked out a lot daily and had so much I wanted to do and live and be! I'd do my day job and then spend my evenings riding my bike or dancing to funk music.

Sitting in the cubicle all day was terrible for me, and you know what is so funny?? None of us could imagine why we didn't feel good, or were getting sick all the time. At the time it seemed ok that we would be able to deal with sitting behind a computer for as many hours as we did.

It just shows you how deeply our perception affects what we allow ourselves to do and be. And how vital it is to keep examining those perspectives we take for granted.

Invest in yourself and guiding your perception and awareness so that you flourish!!


Call it in now and don't settle for anything less than what you are able to prioritize for your own wellness, clarity, nourishment and reconnection. Really allow yourself to reboot and regenerate to your ultimate original magic.

Because when you remember all the parts and pieces of you and we do the alchemy of transformation that is so simple yet hard to do every day, you will be doing your daily that IS the becoming of you.


I didn't get to my fuck yeah life here in Los Angeles living and stretching into my dreams and following my divine directives without investing all the time, money and space and going all in time and again. I've learned a lot and I've become an energy magician with life and cosmic guidance like nobody else.

Are you ready to take your own journey to all kinds of your own F*ck yeah?!

For much of my experience I've allowed a method of huge burst of vision and then slowly and somewhat fearfully and yet bravely flying out into it and not always grounding or manifesting what is envisioned (or maybe way later than I imagined)

It is when I thought it was outside of me, and that I wasn't worthy of it, and that the responsibility was too much, because I forgot I was in collaboration with the cosmos, that I allowed myself to sink into sabotage.

💩hamster wheel limbo town

It was my subconscious patterns and triggers that would keep me in a loop of busy. I'd see myself as ALMOST THERE so keep at it... which then became more like, not quite.

Doing and trying, where there was only fractured BEING. I didn't even see or know that is what was going on, so I always felt so vulnerable and sort of at the mercy of the very much chaotic resistance I'd create in my life to keep me from

🔥 owning my magic 
🔥 taking responsibility
🔥 making decisions
🔥 taking action

You can either spend your moments SLOWLY killing your self or decisively enlivening yourself and thus shifting the energy not just of you, but of everything. Your ALL IN is ours too. 
The balance and centering and aligning of your physical reality to your cosmic vision IS the being and becoming.

🙌Feel alive again

🙌Own your frequency

🙌Speak your truth

🙌Feel your pussy power

🙌Master your "bitch please"

🙌Create and be the frequency that you ARE ALREADY in a flow and integrated and masterful way.


Book in for your own personal 
Valtopia strategy session 
to breakthrough from Sabotage to Supernova.

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