Shame shame shame on you

Quit fuckin' around

And messin' about

Oh you did it again?

WTF is wrong with you

You know better

You ALWAYS blame blame blame________


A percentage of the population will hear this and get FIRED up.


Oh shit - thanks. Thanks for kicking my ass and lighting a fire.

And a percentage of the population will hear this and SHUT THE FUCK DOWWWWN.

little kid

Triggers will be flipped, reactions will be set in motion, and the lesson of pain, guilt, self loathing and fearful submission to what they’ve known so well and so long will simply be set off into motion.

closed off

Suddenly there is an energetic WALL that comes up.

I should do better.

I should know better.

WTF why don’t I know and do better?

I’m so fucked up.

There’s something WRONG with me.

Tears, anxiety frustration, heart pounding, chest tight, throat closed, heart caged, don’t even KNOW what’s going on in the root.

shut down

Impacted, closed down, PROTECTED.


I have been around on the planet for a while, and I’m more ambitious and lit up than many. I AM persevering, tenacious, work hard, work smart, ask questions, put in the hours, do the fitness, eat the right foods, learn and study and grow.


I am a highly sensitive, over achieving, athlete who NEEDS intense physical activity to ground the electric divine frequencies that really DO desire to come down and of and through me. I am extra FEELING and have learned to manage and employ what my gift is. I had to learn to calm down, quit putting up the armor, ground into the earth and my body, and quit freaking out!!!


PTSD and high sensitive empaths (whether you suffered trauma in your life or not) will FEEL deeply and get caught in those feels for LIFE. It’s meant to shape us, to guide us, and then we are meant to learn to free ourselves of the cage of fear we put up when we get over stimulated, over conditioned, over programmed, CAGED.


We must learn to become deeply aware of our own body, mind and spirit and this can be elusive without the right guidance.

I see so many gifted healers, creatives, and truly generous and powerful souls trapped in their own cages of REACTION, and ignorance of their own ability to shift out of and move beyond that stage of being.

There are many more to experience beyond that level and more of us need to graduate and help the others to come up, simply by solving it in your own life.

Trust me - the ripple effect of you shifting out of that cage is POWERFUL.


Stop shutting down, reacting, hiding, and being SHAMED by people who do not understand what YOU need to thrive.


Open up to your limitless self that is calm, centered, confident and certain of who you are, how you do it, and open and relaxed and able to receive guidance without feeling all the shame of the ages.

It’s time to let that shit go.



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