SHIFT O”clock With the upcoming eclipse and new moon on Tuesday it’s HUGE

Shit happens. 

Quit feeling shame and guilt for being a hawt mess while you expand like a mother fucker.

You don’t grow without stretching and messing and breaking and becoming something you weren’t before. 

And that’s when shift happens. 

And we are right at SHIFT O”clock With the upcoming eclipse and new moon on Tuesday it’s HUGE. The cosmic weather will amplify and guide us so powerfully. 

I am so dark with release right now, shedding and letting go of attachments that no longer serve me and actually swerve me away from my own peace, resonance and joy. I can also feel the love, gratitude and sheer brilliance and luminosity on the other side BECAUSE I AM HONORING MY GUIDANCE. Even as it hurts and my mind wants me to find a cozy spot to hide. 

Elevating is a process and I remember our last eclipse in January. I delivered an incredible experience. CLEAN SLATE CLEAR VISION. Six months out from the intentions I set, they are all to fruition. I was SO DARK before that inspiration came in. 

Gnarly attachments I felt scared to trust myself to release. 

✨Watch me go through the process of receiving divine downloads, working through the resistance, and calling in the manifestation. 


🎉🎉Join me in this re run of this powerful cleanse and activation. 🎉🎉


✨Shed guilt, shame and deeply debilitating body tightness and old wounds that are keeping you in the loop of never getting beyond a certain level of expanse. 

👇The reason I always carried such guilt and shame was because I never felt allowed or gave myself permission to truly stand up for my own way of doing things. 

I couldn’t help but be myself, but because of my own need for approval and deep attachment to others (because I’m sensitive AF and can feel and sense everyones vibes, I would feel theirs and think it was mine and not back myself. 

I carried this energy everywhere I went. 

Like when I started doing all my spiritual classes. Whatever it was they were teaching, I wanted to know how, but it turns out, I did know how and I don’t do it anything like them. I’d already been doing it my whole life, and they too. But their version IS THEIRS and once I let myself free to explore what just comes through, everything opened wide for me. 

I don’t understand the breakdown of the process, I just do it. And now I’ve been guiding others to theirs. 

That’s the thing when you invest in my support. 

⚡️I don’t tell you HOW to do what you need to do, I support your highest resonance and clarity through ALL means available to me (energy, shaman transmutations, alchemy, mindset, intuitive guidance and oracle and tarot, sound healing, light language, frequency transmissions, dialogue, listening, witnessing, pushing with love and if needed, evolving) to BRING YOU TO YOUR OWN WAY OF BEING. 

⚡️This is why my clients just suddenly come to me reporting they’ve quit smoking, or quit pills they’ve been taking for years that make them feel like shit, or they quit the job that feels like shit. Or they have new more aligned clients at higher prices, or they’ve met someone new. 

When you experience your own highest energy and vibes daily when we work together? 

It becomes clear what your soul standards are and you no longer are available for settling for what isn’t working for you right now where you THINK you are stuck or unable. 

⚡️And when you are no longer available for stuck and can’t, your can do inspiration and energy come into creation. 

🔥You are literally stopping the flow of yourself by not allowing yourself to feel into what isn’t by letting go of what is. 🔥

💥Chances are, if you’re super cosmic, you have trouble functioning at too basic a level. If you have to break down everything into the linear steps, it becomes complicated and impossible, irritatingly broken down into tiny bits that need to be strung together and fuss over. So much room for the mind to kick in and kick off with bullshit programs that derail you. 

👇Turn that shit off that you don’t know what comes through you. I’m at my most brilliant and effective in my gifts when I barely think about the process and just allow some thing I don’t even know how to describe in words. 

⚡️It is instant. Whole. One and done. It’s effortless, natural, and mind blowingly simple but only when you let go and allow and believe in what isn’t here yet. 

👇If you think this message is for you, it is. If you think you’re alone, you’re not. I am calling you in constellation and this collective release and activation will be phenomenal for those of you who surrender to the calling and dive in.


👇Book into CLEAN SLATE CLEAR VISION and enjoy FIVE DAYS OF GROUP MESSENGER CHAT to support you during the eclipse and new moon and set the most powerful intentions you ever have for the next six months. Only 333.00 comment right now for the link and I’ll add you into the group and we get started on the chat TUESDAY and go through the weekend. Do not miss this if you feel pulled do whatever you can to get in. 


⚡️No shame in ya game when you allow flow and self love and own that shit like a boss. You can still sign up to get into CSCV after tomorrow, but only those who book today receive the five day messenger support with ME. LIFE CHANGING!!

The release and the crying is fine. Just shift with it. Don’t stay stuck in the loop honay. 

✨⚡️Own your frequency Supernova. There’s nobody like you. ⚡️✨


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