SHIFT the course of your business with THIS

SHIFT the course of your business and SECURE that next high level 30K client, project, deeper version of YOU and your vision ...
UNLOCK yourself, your BODY TIGHTNESS AND PAINS and really LET GO with FREQUENCIES and my unique method of business expansion.
The transformational work I provide is about STOPPING your mind power trip/train and investing in THE SPACE and experience to include your HEART and to be regenerating this emotional and energetic processing for yourself, your team, your family.
Integrating your PRESENT true desires and feelings and processing them THROUGH YOUR BODY as you are NOW
unlocks a whole deeper level of POWER to remember who you really ARE and to BE it DAILY.
THIS body work, this soul work, this daily work of this time and investment into YOU unlocks:
.Millions inspired FULLY, connected into THEIR power centers, feeling and owning their frequency because YOU did it deeply, with intention and focus for yourself.
.Thousands, millions, even billions of dollars more created and received in revenue that comes with ease, joy and so much more CONNECTION, POWER and ability to illuminate and impact those you TRULY desire to reach and rebirth!
.Relationships in your life that reflect this powerful INNER love and bliss and true open heart pathway to everything you've ever known and want to be.
You have felt the FULL depth of that power, and in trusting outside of yourself, found yourself vulnerable, wide open for hurt and that story is so old for you.
Like a singed burn.
You have healed those wounds and the memory of the patterns of their creation remain. Like a sort of scar tissue in your energy field.
It feels like frustration when you won't trust yourself, or others, fully the way you'd like.
You WANT to, you work towards it, you secretly admire others ability to connect in a way that feels safe, real, grounded, and open.
Secretly, you fear this level of vulnerability to trust the scar to dissipate and dissolve, and for your flow to open up completely, miraculously, and for all to GUSH through in joy and exuberance. It's like you can feel EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and it's just too much so no... the control freak will not let go, today, but the power....
The sheer power of your JOY force literally SCARES you when you feel even just a burst of the sheer magnitude of it.
You WANT to and DO ask for this, you express and write it in your journal, and yet, there is a level of 'have to' STILL permeating what you're doing, if you think about it...
Even though, you swore you'd create MORE space to meditate, be still and allow for movement and expression because that is what you practice and preach OR YOU WOULD LIKE TO.
But if you really tune into it you feel an emptiness and false approach sometimes, to your routine, because shhhhh..
It's not really working and you can't be still that way and you're faking it sometimes to yourself, and your people. Yawn.
But... that's just the way routines are, right?.


I KNOW this pattern so well, first with myself, and with my clients and it's TRICKY!!
There are three things happening here:
  1. YOUR method is unique and needs witnessing and appreciating
  2. YOUR own body and feeling awareness is unique and needs witnessing and appreciating
  3. YOUR trust is required to experience the level of freedom you so desire
And trust comes from
repeatedly being and fully feeling in whatever lights you up,
brings you peace,
lets you calm your nervous system,
rest and regenerate your energy to recalibrate to the vibration of your desires
- your exuberance!
You KNOW you're way too busy DOING right now in your life to BE in that energy, whatever it is for you!!
Your daily REJUV needs to be discovered!
It needs to LIGHT you up!
It gets to flow with your daily presence
allow for daily routines that are guided by a foundation
created in
As a result, the foundation for your inspiration WILL BE energetically infused with your own
- peace
- calm
- rest
- exuberance
You DO get to touch into these parts of you FIRST and anytime to allow for this vibe and stance to happen throughout your business and life experience.
This so aligns with the current planetary lineup. And if you're highly sensitive to these shifts and looking for deeper ways to root in and shift powerfully WITH your abundance, people, growth, you ride the cosmic weather in wisdom.
This cosmic weather is all about ALL IN...
And anymore, life is a daily experience of choice and alignment within these cosmic transits and our ability to embody love, bliss, joy and creation in these higher and higher frequencies.
The paradox wtf factor is HIGH!!!
I know 🙂.
It is so much more clear as you embody your OWN blueprint of emotions and release allegiance to the program of OTHER all studded throughout your body and energy field like scar tissue.
Stubbornly rigid and sometimes painful.
Innocuously 'immovable' and inflammatory.
Responds to LOVING flowing energy, vibration, stimulation and movement.
I am here to support your prosperity, freedom and self actuation in your passion, purpose and divine pleasure, honay!

Life is for living and YOU are the miracle and such a powerful creator!!

I currently have an incredible Biz Expansion offer for 30 days at only $1500, you'll rapidly shift into a 3-10X your own perceived financial, emotional and personal limits of expressing and integrating your TRUE and authentic self throughout your business and life to 3-10X your current results.
This work with your own energy, body and spirit IS what will allow you to connect to those higher level clients, that deeper level of leadership, the next depth in your relationships.
This is what you've been NOT feeling, but missing.
Allow this powerful expansion and recalibration and channel high level frequencies
that recalibrate you to trust yourself and allow your infinite POWER to come through more easily, more readily, more CONSISTENTLY and freely than ever before!
This is about KNOWING, deciding and having everything you ever desired and knew was meant for you and FINDING and regenerating the HIDDEN parts of you that think it's
naughty, selfish, shameful, wasteful, fake, ridiculous, unneccessary, impossible.
That is lurking inside of you disguised as a tight throat, a stiff chest, a stabbing solar plexus that you just think is normal ....
It's about nourishing and BEing fully in the highest level vision you've been gifted for the miraculous earth body you've been blessed to BE.
These deeper, more intimate awarenesses, and the lifestyle and identity shifts that come with it ARE the deeper embodiment of who you already are, but haven't yet fully embodied and expressed.
Those knots within you get to be felt, untangled and regenerated into sheer life-force and power within.
How you recalibrate is EVERYTHING - so we do that too!!
DM right now or go apply on I'm here to support next level action taking BALLER visionary leaders who have decided:
  • to live in the flow of your intuition and GIFTS
  • to amp up prosperity, health and wealth from within
  • to live in purpose and passion and OPEN YOUR HEART
  • to open your throat and speak your truth- to full back in and believe yourself
  • to shine as an example of LIFE and LOVE
  • to 3-10X your current level of income, impact and to illuminate fully into who you ARE
See you on the next stream and in my inbox we have magical work to do remembering who the funk you is! 

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