This message just came through recently and I wanted to get it to you again.


Results you get from people you pay to support you in your growth.

I want to just say… Before you go and spend all of your money on shiny objects, courses, and programs that draw you in and promise to make you lots of money and better your lives..

because I have done that…

Here’s what I want to say about that.

Every investment that you make..

You want to CONNECT DEEPLY to the investment and know deep inside of you that the person you’re spending the money on or the company is bringing you into the place that you desire your choices to go. Does that mean that the personis going to provide your results?

Or that you are paying for those results to be guaranteed?

Hell nah!

The results are up to YOU.

The results are up to us.

Every expense I have made on self-growth, where it could have been considered a mistake, or maybe the coach didn’t align all the way with me or provide the results that I was looking for, the results were that I believed in myself in that moment and when I made that initial investment, the strength and the courage I had in that moment came through!! I moved beyond fears I had before I made the investment.

That’s what I want you to think about when you make your investments.

Am I ready for this?

Am I growing into this?

Regardless of what the person provides for you.. you made that investment because you believed in yourself. Sometimes a lot of the investment is growing into the expense you made and knowing that you are at a level to make it up and earn it!

When I first started I was so desperate to magically shift into millions of dollars and saving the world…

I took a lot of courses at once, but then I wasn’t sure where my growth was coming from because I was so scattered.

I know that when I am working with my clients, I desire to see you coming into a wonderful place of alignment.

Choose people to invest your money in because their energy and perspective opens YOU UP and increases your desire and ability to do what YOU feel is important to your vitality, health and wellness. Whatever it is that lights you up and betters yourself and community. Even if it’s considered weird or strange, DO IT! Some things that seem weird at first open you up!

You’re IMPORTANT and who you invest in for your upliftment and inspiration and illumination is going to get you in a better state of health, whether you’re overweight and not following a routine or having a problem managing your finances. Find the people that LIGHT YOU UP AND GET YOU TO THAT PLACE, but remember It’s up to you to get results. The results are in your commitment and passion.

Let’s have a discussion around this!

Shoot me a message or comment below.

Let’s keep it real.




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