A few years ago, I felt totally lost and felt trapped in my life.

I found myself online, in spiritual groups, asking everyone for readings and information around me what I should do.

I wasn’t a spiritual person, per se. I certainly didn’t know how psychic and empathic I am, and how much information and energy comes through me that goes way beyond my own personal being.

I had terrible gut issues because essentially I had closed off a whole part of myself and was suffering in the contraction of hiding, suppressing and running from my soul truth. I didn’t know how much I was hiding of myself. I really didn’t.

I was in chaos in my home and I had walked away from my career to care for my kids and be there for my eldest who was NOT responding the public school in such a positive way. He has a lot of energy and awareness and sitting still for hours was not jiving with his creative being.

I had to find a way to be healthy and care for myself and feel love and loved and BE FULLY ME for myself AND my kids. I wanted to BE THERE FOR MY BOYS in a way a J O B wasn’t gonna let me and neither was my ex at the time.

Let’s just skip forward to today.

I am the CEO of my own company, Valtopia. My company creates powerful life changing experiences and content. Releasing, regenerating and REBIRTH is what we do in Valtopia. I have live streamed to thousands, sharing my gifts, my story, my life and how I shifted out of completely stuck, sick and miserable to GLOWING, vibrant, healthy and on my way to wealthy. I have had clients around the world invest in themselves and ME to find themselves and come back into deeper self love, self worth, self trust and finally FEEL themselves and be true with themselves so their lives can align to their SOUL PASSION AND PURPOSE.

It ain’t easy shit!! No way. But for most of my clients and me, neither was where we were before we started this work!!

I have focused on those who are in front of me and in my audience, for fear of leaving anyone behind, and yet I’ve also leveled up time and again, knowing that those who desire to shift with me will come, and those who don’t are capable, and will find their own desired way to rise up.


I have chosen to invest in myself, time and money, time and again.
I have chosen to believe in myself, time and again.
I have chosen to BE myself, time and again.
I have chosen to LOVE myself, time and again.

Even when I was fully imperfect, not ready, didn’t know what to do, felt full on FEAR and terror and didn’t think I could do what I was launching myself into.

I have had TONS of people NAYSAY my desires, my impulses, my natural and authentic soul desires. I have had people around me who love me, shoot me down, bring me down, try to calm and quell the creative SOUL fire within me that burns HOT with passion, purpose and POWER.

I have been alone, isolated, hurt, broken, over and over.

I have picked myself up from wretched, broken, broke, miserable and feeling useless to come up to worthy, capable, knowing, wise and BEING who I truly am, time and again.

I have gone into debt and repaid it several times over, and had moments where I figured it out as I had NO access to outside money and had to just earn it however I could that was in integrity with my values and being. I made it.

I’m not here because I’m perfect and everything is easy, even though I feel like it gets easier the longer I stay the course and keep coming back to me. FOR SURE - this is why we can’t NOT follow our soul desires. The old ways of being seem ridiculous when you’ve evolved through them and come in closer to your own truth!

I’m not saying my life is in perfect alignment and everything is all worked out. I AIN’T DEAD YET! I’m always coming into more alignment daily, and my devotion to LOVE, compassion, creation and allowing my journey to unfold as I’m guided to show up fully as a creative healing messenger of self love and empowerment and FAITH in our ability to REGENERATE from and into ANYTHING our soul guides us to.

I am not earning the thousands I do monthly through my own creativity and LOVE and shine because it all worked out the first few months or even YEARS I tried! I’ve been dreaming about and attempting to work for myself since I was a young woman. The work I do NOW - I drew about and was practicing as an 8 year old! I’m 49 now!!

I stand up daily as a beacon of self love and truth to your creative desires and impulses AND YOURE LIFE!!!

Your passion and desires ARE your guideposts to your true dream life and just because they’re not revealed fully yet does NOT mean you aren’t worthy of living and BEING what you feel deep inside of you. So many of my impulses and directions were risky, ballsy, weird, unfounded, unaccepted. I followed them anyway and found out on the other side WHY.

The WHY is because you’re in alignment and focus with your TRUTH and what is right for YOU. NOBODY can find that for you - we can only guide you back to your internal compass, your own control panel, so to speak, of your own divine channel and the beautiful vessel that is your body and being that you are.

When you partner in conjunction with you, yourself and your higher self and allow that focus to guide you through the dark AND the light, there is a consistency of compassion and creation that cannot fail you.

It’s a process.

Stay open, stay flexible, stay ready to receive and listen for your own biggest signs that your soul is always guiding you to.

And if you’re not in touch with your soul guidance and inner truth - why not?

It is no longer going to be easy to thrive in these energies if you don’t trust and know yourself and allow the flowing expansive evolution of YOU. There is no going back to what was - everything is always evolving, so learning to evolve IN these energies from a place of connection and power within will determine everything!! You’re not alone, but you do need to choose YOU and whatever it takes to feel good and embodied in your SOUL RIGHT self.



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