If you’re beating yourself up or chasing the next thing, over and over, really going for it but no matter how much you desire to shift, you come back to that feeling of FREEZING or RUNNING,

there’s a good chance you are stuck in a trauma loop and need to release the energy from your body and being. 

Maybe you’ve invested in a big money coach. So you get these journal prompts from your fancy coach that you can’t and won’t answer or if you do the shift doesn’t happen because you freeze up when you get to that space again and again BECAUSE your mind is 
Scattered in the old wounding and fear. 
The pressure to receive answers from your inner being just recreates more of the level of shame and pain you’re already trying to release. Now you’re even more of an idiot because you invested and you can’t do the things they’re saying will help you and publicly shaming you through daily posts you’re consuming in your fb feed. 😝

So you freak out and freeze up some more and so you decide!!

You decide by investing more money in money type results and people with shiny success that you want so bad SO YOU CAN FIX THE PROBLEM AND QUIT BEING A COSMIC FREAK THAT NOBODY CAN GUIDE. 

The ‘problem’ is within you and is most definitely the mark of a starseed supernova. If you can’t feel, and your brain is needing support to align to your body and soul, no amount of challenge, journal prompts or pressure will fix it. If anything they’ll keep you spinning and spinning, running the wound deeper. 

You’ll just keep chasing and yes! You will shift and learn so much that will be helpful AFTER. 

After you resolve the deeply hidden and buried parts of you that got scattered over time as you never shook off the trauma within you. 

If an animal is scared it runs, and then after the incident, it shakes off the adrenaline and releases the moment from its body. 

Many of us don’t even remember wtf set us off and spiraling down a life time of unworthiness and shame and striving. Striving for more. More attention. More love. More success. More money. More so we can FIX what feels broken. The broken that won’t let us rise up beyond a certain limit our mind is holding us to. 

The broken isn’t really broken. 
Your mind is actually doing its job and we get to rewrite and repair that part of our brain and our story and for those of us who are highly sensitive and attuned to all these shifts in the cosmic weather, it is time for us to heal these deeply buried wounds and bring together the scattered bits of ourselves. 

It is time for SOUL RIGHT healing where your energy body is cleared, DNA is activated and old programs are deactivated and your mind can align to your highest choices, not forever be triggered and then sent spinning again, because you haven’t done the deep inner healing. The kind of healing a HEALER is designed to guide you through. 

If you’ve been throwing everything at your shift and you’ve done amazing and there are parts you that get to where you either run or freeze, please DM me or comment below. 

It is time for us all to have this conversation. Our ascension is calling us to this level of clarity and integrity and many of the most gifted healers and creators will NEVER thrive in the cookie cutter baller mcballer money making coach industry that we so hoped we would thrive in and “save” ourselves and others with our beautiful and magical gifts. 

We get to heal ourselves however we can. Just get to that sense of self love and trust before you throw yourself out to baller o’clock. You’ll do awesome once you feel whole and solid in your mind, body and spirit. 

Then all the other stuff you’ll actually be able to absorb. And you’ll be a baller mcballer cosmic healer and show the way for the supernovas in your constellation. They are over there spinning in circles too. 

Most of my clients are hard working, deeply caring and thoughtful people who have spent YEARS with spiritual and therapeutic help that only does so deep. When we begin to clear the inner energy and reboot they shift radically and rapidly. 

Stop the cycle, heal the inner wounds and clear and regenerate your energy. Then you can begin the process of rewiring your mind and fully creating and allowing manifesting your dreams and visions.

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