Suddenly magical things happen for it. Synchronicities and synergies

Have you ever wanted something so bad since you were a kid and you just kept making space and time and space and time for it. 

It made you get out of bed with deep devotion and desire through everything. 


And you didn’t need it for anybody else but you. 

Worlds open up for it. 

Suddenly magical things happen for it. Synchronicities and synergies. 

Incredible last minute miracles that “don’t make any sense”. 

You found your electric connection from earth to cosmos and remembered who you are and coursing through you is every molecule of creation for it! 

You found your way home to your highest soul being with it. 

What is yours?!

ACTIVATION with the Golden thread of abundant cosmic creation and infinite potential. 

This painting is infused with this powerful transmission that will wake up massive levels of delighted and thriving creators to their inner sensuality and vitality. 

Money AF this piece is uniquely imbued with life changing energies and DNA activating frequencies of abundance, love and infinite awareness. 

Mmmmmm life is for living honay and you are the creatrix of your deep and divine being right here right now. 

Contact me for art commissions and activations through painting experiences. 

Own your frequency Supernova there’s nobody like you!

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