The audacity to BE

It has been a pivotal year for many of us. Last year, this time, I was on a personal retreat to Ojai channeling drawings for my coloring book that we published last Christmas. It wasn't easy getting the book out and published, by any means, on many levels, but it was totally exhilarating and delightfully inspiring. I had moments of sheer divine connection and cosmic galactic journeys all while running on the beach, and drawing in my studio nearby. When I first opened up and blossomed after a time of deep introspection, I jumped in with innocence and abandon, opening up and following my intuition and passion. As the year began and the pressure to generate revenue began to show itself, the pressure I put on myself to expand my presence, reach and offerings increased. I found myself very aware of the herd, adding myself to endless Facebook groups and participating in too much and too many things. I couldn't possibly keep up to the degree I would like, but I did my best to cover all my bases, connect with as many as I could, and DO IT ALL.
I kept journaling, and doing the inner work, energy work, creative work and lots of shifting in my personal sphere but I am seeing the balance isn't right. I have increasingly returned to my own zone, honing in on hearing my own voice and guidance. I have improved vastly at standing in my value and presence, acting from a place of leadership in my own life, and seeing that inner vision and knowing reflected back to me because I stood up for and fought for it! There are so many reasons and excuses to allow ourselves to either give in to, or rise above. I choose to rise up, listen to my calling, and create my vision.

As I step into this second year of Valtopia, I am focused and guided to:

- vitality
- exuberance
- delight

Which leads to:

- vision
- creativity
- radical positive transformation

So much of the shift we desire comes from releasing subconscious resistance to our highest and wildest dreams and vision. The alchemy of opening up our creativity is magic and it is in the magic of energy shifting, dreaming, and solid action that true expansion and the beautiful life you're envisioning gets created.
I had to make extremely clear choices that were so difficult and awful to bring about. I still have more. Change to growth takes bold courage and consistent action towards your vision. Dreaming up the aligned vision is HUGE. When you jump online there are endless voices literally shouting at you how you should craft your dream and create your reality. How if only you do it this way or that way you won't screw it all up and live a pitiful life of nothingness being normal.

Honey, I can tell you this. Whether I connect to one or one million, I will never be 'normal' and I don't do 'mediocre' and that includes this whole process of defining and becoming MY vision. My greatest desire is to follow my passion and BE. In my BEing, I learn self empowerment, how to thrive, blossom and shine, and live and share by example to my tribe. My tribe reflects the same back to me. In our audacity to BE fully, authentically, painfully passionate and creatively, we create ripples of change, magical shifts of uplifting, expansive FLOW and love and light. Really!!

You don't need anything but your own beautiful IMPULSE to feel good and thrive and shine for yourself, your family and whatever community you choose to create. Follow in that and the flow comes.

I am creating a new community that reflects my perfect positioning for those of you seeking magic and support in your lives towards your own:

- self empowerment
- freedom from anxiety, worry, confusion
- never feeling stuck - releasing resistance and blocks that hold you back
- feeling great so you can dream up your best vision of your BEing
- opening up your creativity so you can shift the subconscious triggers that stop your flow
- activating your highest intentions and aligning your energy to those

There's so much more as we heal and regenerate together. Let's go make it happen! Valtopia Vision is beginning for you. Come and join us we get started soon! you still have time to enroll!! This is YOUR best masterclass experience to not only heal and activate your best energy but teach you specific tips, tricks and techniques to be your best on LIVE VIDEO. 

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