The best part about your soul aligned mates

The best part about your soul aligned mates? They’re IN the hot tub with you and it feels fantastic.

Get all in the hot tub. All the way. Sit back. Feel the hot painful rush of energy as the jets of water stimulated your physical body to change.

Feel your pores sweat and cleanse out the toxins from your body.

Feel yourself shift as you immerse FULLY into your own intuition, guidance and full knowing of your sovereignty and alignment and choice of being.

Fuck yeah.

We got to this place of bliss inside.

We know how to be in and of it even when we’re all up in it.

Because we chose to get all up in it and we are ferociously in our love and creativity and DECISIVE action and LIFE we choose.

Adjanys Marrero Amador Alana Roach
Today you light me up and every day!

I love you - soul sisters. Each of you in my inner inner circle I adore you we are so blessed.

We DO DIS!!!!!!!!

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⚡️Life is for living Supernova. Own your frequency!!

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