The Best way to Relieve Ascension Migraines

Have you ever had a headache that was just taking everything out of you? I had one recently that brought with it some serious awareness.

Lately there has been a lot of transformation in my life. If you've been with me for a while, you know this. It's been up and down. A lot of change in every area of my life. All while I was healing and activating myself.

Because I immerse myself in my experience and evolve through my own modalities of healing they are very current and connected to now, so are magical and powerfully effective.

For example, I had a terrible migraine and I allowed myself to really experience the pain of it. Because of my connection to other spiritpreneur priestesses, I have an awareness of the causes, sources, triggers, and conditions of a migraine.


This allowed me to then surrender to the moment and record my own emergence and release of this pain on all levels -- physical, emotional, and energetic. I used a combination of techniques and channeled guidance in the moment.


I began the recording with a throbbing stabbing pain in my head and finished with a beautiful release and a recording to share with others. I promptly shared the recording with my sistars and had such great feedback from each of them. I have continued to offer it when called. 


These recordings and transformational offerings are received with the highest intentions of deep shift and magic to occur for you.


In submitting to the few moments you take for yourself to reboot and regenerate with Valtopia, these moments are golden crystals of light and evolution, awakening your DNA to all of its potential, as guided by your higher self and team. They allow you to relax, restore, replenish and nourish your entire energy system and presence.


This lets you get centered, clear, and calm, and that is the magic. To be aligned, centered, present and clear is empowering and divine.


We get divine, boo, in the only way I know how.


We create. 


Do you have ascension migraines? I'm offering this recording for a limited time for only $33. Grab it here.


Co-create the healing expression of your own story that not only expands you beyond your own limitations, but inspires and awakens this in those  who resonate with your art, essence, and being.


Lead yourself and in doing so lead others by example.

This is multidimensional quantum change. 




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