The Better it gets the Better it Gets

When I first started my business, I had already walked away from a 15 year career, and I knew I needed to leave my marriage.

I was already in my 40s and I was terrified, but I just KNEW.

Just because I knew doesn't mean it all happened fast.

It took me TWO more years to finalize asking for the divorce and leaving my home, and it took another year and a half to release so many mind fucks, mental conditioning and STUPID patterns of behavior that just don't serve me.

It still blows my mind how much BS we take for granted that stops us from thriving and being our best.

Now I am free to be whoever I desire, I even manifested enough money to grow my business (Yes I worked my ASS off while I was married and having my kids), and I've now designed a magical life that I feel I did earn through much heartache, hard work and self discovery.

It has been hard to release the story that is has to be hard, and it's gonna take a long time, and the more I've surrendered to the impossible longings that feel so deep and true to me? The more I actually live and breath those dreams.

If this message resonates for you, know that your knowing, your longings, your intuition IS SOLID GOLD, and whatever you can do to nurture and shape your BELIEFS to support your dreams is where you need to focus.

No matter what.

This message is for those of you who feel a deep calling and sense of purpose and are truly ready to commit your time, money and being


Because where you are right now just isn't aligned to your calling and vision!

You are ready to immerse fully and BE THE PERSON that your soul is calling you to, that your true nature and personality NEEDS to be fully alive and impactful in your life.

I did it and I'm proof of believing and backing yourself time and again, even when on the outside, it looks crazy or impossible or selfish or weird ...

What wild longings have you been suppressing, ignoring or settling for less than?

How will you support and move into what truly flows and is natural for you?

You are vital and worthy of your visions and dreams, creative boss lady. I believe in and see you.

You are just in time to join the EPIC POWERHOUSE Valtopia INNER CREW!


I have been creating a dynamic, expansive, innovative, quantum leap group for us, just a very select few who have CHOSEN to open up our channel to receive and DELIVER at epic levels of frequency and being, BECAUSE WE CAN'T NOT. It is our great blessing and calling to allow our creativity to lead our living and allow for nourishment, vitality and inspired presence as we inspire and uplift so many.

Life is ours to live and GIVE from a full cup!

inner circle valtopia

Today I invite you to join us at the highest level of access I offer to my presence and being - a very close knit and intimate growth phase of four months together - my leadership as a cosmic guide, energy queen, inspired and clear channel and oracle of yo truth reflected back to me as I FEEL, SEE and witness you with fiery love, compassion, wisdom, experience, divine brilliance and secret tips of millionaire boss lady life! I wanted to learn from those who have succeeded in a HEART centered, divine and faith based way to thrive and live their wildest dreams. I have surrounded myself with REAL mentors who have risen up from the ashes.

Feel the call? Take a look at what I have channelled for those of us few in the inner circle allowing our most epic powerhouse SHIFT and alignment to resonate as the boss lady we know we are.

Bali Valtopia

Early bird access ends Friday and the first gorgeous kickass member will receive an incredible bonus - a Valtopia Soul Portrait Activation - this is a very unique process that only a select few have experienced and will continue to remain an exclusive and deep tribe membership illumination.

Check it out

Whatever is stopping you from opening up this vision?

Book in for a strategy energy reading and let's tune in to see what it might be.

Join us in the Valtopiasphere 


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