The craziest thing I've ever done

That's just ONE of the questions Andi Wickman has asked me about in my feature in the HUFFINGTON POST!! I'm SUPER excited and honored to be featured with so many other gifted, loving and successful women! I also love that Andi is lifting up those around her to feature them, share what they do, and create a gorgeous ripple effect that grows her presence, our presence and enables us to reach those we are meant to!! This is the kind of stuff I just ADORE

- connection
- community
- collaboration
- GIANT ripple waves of good vibes, love and light!

I feel like I opened up and shared much of myself in this interview. I'd love for you to share it with someone you love if you know they would enjoy the beautiful color, rhythm, art, creativity, and vision of Valtopia.

Here's what I'm about:

- getting unstuck and out of fear/survival mode
- envisioning your dream
- CREATING your vision

I support spiritual lady bosses transition from one energetic space to another so they can:
- have more clients
- overcome subconscious fears, doubts, beliefs and programming
- own their value and live fully in their purpose

This is a journey different for each individual so no one session or program is perfect - we do have the experience, intuitive guidance and energy healing CHOPs to assist you with delight and love to your next experience, job, client, or intention. 

In honor of this exciting day where I have grown into my SECOND year in business as Valtopia, I am establishing a new Facebook group to mark my clear vision, attract in my tribe and create EPIC vision and transformation for those spiritual lady bosses ready to shine and live in their vision. If you would like to know more about this community I'm developing, I'd love to have you sign up here:

Go on over to the weekly wisdom - I'm about to post it!!

BOOK IN NOW - rates are changing NEXT WEEK as I restructure to go with my new offerings. No pressure but I want you to know!

There is ONE priestess portrait activation left at the current rate. 

So much gratitude in my heart for each of you supporting and believing in me, and to MYSELF for believing in the universe, in love and the power of believing in my dream and my vision so I can help you to envious and create YOURS.

Namaste Valtopians!


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