The Epic Inside Us

We are called to listen. We feel it, we know it, we can't forget it, we won't let it go. We get knocked down but then we get right back up and we show up. We keep showing up, we keep believing, we keep trying. Sometimes thoughts creep up and we question our nerve, our desires, our value, our RIGHT to do what we live and breathe so naturally. Getting to the place of that flow isn't easy but when you're IN IT it feels EAAAAASY!

Recognize what IS easy, and what isn't. Release judgement, or getting caught up in it, just be AWARE of how it affects YOU and YOUR body. No-one else has to live inside of that body but you, so YOU feel into what lights you up, and what shuts you down and intend more of the FUCK YEAHs. 

Intend them. As in, allow it, dream it, say it, speak it, act it, be it and then you are shifting towards that good energy, that light, and you are open and lit up and INVOLVED in your life with aplomb, delight and conviction and we all LOVE that conviction and are grateful you came to it! 

Oh, sure. As you're working your way towards that conviction, you'll be questioned, doubted, teased, controlled, ignored, bullied, resisted. And that's just it - it's resistance. Well, honey, resistance is FUTILE when you set your intentions and ALLOW the flow. Yasss, baby, it's true. 

I have your latest energy read for the week here with everything YOU need and want to know to guide you in the week ahead, and let me tell you, it's a doozy energetically. The energy people are all excited because there are things shifting and retrogrades and eclipses and all this means we get affected by all the shifting energy and alignments or not. So tune in to yourself, make sure you take GREAT care of YOU, with lots of water, green juice, hot salt baths, and just be true to yourself. Start with that, and build that out from you as you go. 

I want to share something TOTALLY exciting with you!! My girl Michaele from Michaele makes movies and I have gotten together to blend our years of Hollywood film biz experience with our intuitive, psychic, empathic, galactic, multidimensional energy wisdom and gifts to help those of you that really want to share your dreams and vision on social media live, but cannot get over it and are terrified. We want YOU to share your magic with whomever you are meant to, so if this is YOU, then run over here to and sign up now. This isn't just about live video, this is about feeling GREAT in your energy, yourself and the message you want to bring to your tribe. Perhaps you are just starting your business online, and you have years of experience in your life to share, and know your mission. Let's take a step towards you getting into the flow of this. Perhaps you already have clients online but know that your reach will grow with your presence and message coming through live video. You will be able to reach clients virtually throughout the world. We do every day, and yes, it is delightful and inspiring to connect with gorgeous clients instantly via social media. Don't hold yourself back with fears of visibility, or insecurity, or lack of clarity, or any of the other reasons that are stopping you from expressing yourself creatively and naturally. We got you. Check it out!!



Featured Image is delightful  #ValtopiaQueen Laureen Mally @laureenmally 

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