The Healy changed my day!

This morning when I woke up my right hand was so painfully aching and my knuckles were so swollen.
A few weeks back my kids were being silly and I somehow got in the middle and now that middle finger 🖕 is sore.
That is a slow down sign for me because I do a lot of client work and art on my phone and laptop and in my painting and drawing etc. flares it up!
I honor that I get to pace myself but I also find that unacceptable lol. I enjoy creating and that is SEVERAL of my income streams honay. Yes i am creating structure in my biz so that I flow more readily.
I am a relaxed lady boss shamama with a real body I used and abused 🥴 in the old paradigm. (That was THE way to do things it seemed. And I even broke lots of rules and always followed my intuition, but ignored it at my upper limits). Lessons.
Well it’s a new way of life for me and every stage I uplevel my toolkit and become more integrated and holistic. Am I perfection and a guru? Nope. I am being the essence of my soul creation and the more I desire to express what comes through me?
The more I learn about these amazing and holistic ways of being CLEAR, REVITALIZED, juicy and delicious, abundant and thriving.
As I lean into these habits, I flourish. As I evolve through old patterns, I witness some habits that slow the quantum creation. I love studying and BEING the test bed for all that I share and invite you to.
I have taken my time with the Healy. This is the personal frequency device that is changing the world! It’s amazing how fast it’s growing and how many people are rapidly shifting into health and wealth. I’ve had a great experience of sharing in the flow of my already shifting life this year and meeting so many incredibly lit humans and earning in my bank account!
Today I put on a program that helps to balance my mental health. I am working through co parenting my high energy gorgeous young boys and running business while menopausing and evolving as a visionary artist, a lady boss running a business with multiple streams of revenue and a community and of course curating my own self care to bring about the most resonant and soul aligned Energy and Being.
The Healy changed my day!
I ran this program and another, and I can bend my finger now and the pain went from 90% to 35%. Ice is my next step and I’m drinking ginger water and enjoying the quiet in the desert here.
Grateful to have invested in everything I have to understand how to manage the biz, the home life and my own queen self. I am accepting how sensitive and delightfully aware I am. I used to feel burdensome and try to either cloak or fully gleam without support and structure.
My support and structure comes from within. No matter where and no matter what.
And the tools and experiences and stream I share invites you to learn about these and find how to most easily integrate them into your biz and life.
I LOVE WHAT I BE and can’t wait to play, expand and EVOLVE with you honay!!

Love your frequency you are the miracle. 💜

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