The "I'm Not Worthy" Cop Out - Bitch Please

The whole notion that you weren't worthy, and everyone else was? Yeah that one?

Fuck that. Fuck that and the arrogant, selfish, dark beast you rode in upon. That's what we like to think, huh? That out of no where, some dark energies came and shat upon us, and in our pain, and the depth of our remembering we are alive, we feel. We finally fucking feel again, and guess what?


Damn. You didn't even know were doing that, did you? Yeah. Copping out of your greatest and most expansive, idealistic, beautiful and loving magical self because it's just TOO MUCH, and "we don't do that", and so then you feel completely detached from the glorious truth you felt deep in your heart and bones, and you crash and shrink back into your known comfy hellish edges and remember, you're alive. And it feels empty, hollow and you feel detached from everyone and everything.

Welcome to the reboot!

You have just gone through your isolational cleansing. In confronting your greatest fears, worries, and pain, you now remember who you are at your darkest, and if you choose, you can explore it, than it, and let it go with lessons learned and forgiven. You can love yourself with compassion, and remember you are part of this thing, whether you're feeling alive or dead, you are most definitely a part of it ALL.

I see you. I feel you. I hear you. I am with you and you are definitely worthy, sooooo this thing you're doing? No shame. Seriously, no shame or guilt. Let's just look at it together, shall we? And just calm down a little? And take some deep breaths and re-center? Yeah. Good.

Ok, now that you are feeling more grounded and perhaps you're even now aware of how you feel in your own body, and you're remembering your heart, and your presence, your inner wisdom. If you're still distraught, take a nap. Drink lots of water. Walk in the trees. Put your feet in the grass. Get to water, a bath, a lake, an ocean. Let yourself recalibrate, integrate and settle into the new you. It's super fucking rad once you let go of the notion that you aren't worthy. Cuz that's bullshit.

If it's feeling way too much, invest in your wellness, your presence, your worthiness and come back up, boo, cuz your magic? We need it. It's already here. Just own it. It's yours to live and breathe. <3

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Love you for reading this let me know if it resonates and how you are doing with your all the cosmic shifts, your passion and purpose, your level of F*ckYeah in your life!!


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