For every woman who rises up in her power, stripped of convention, free and truly sovereign, EARNED freedom of no fucks given, standing tall in stilettos, raising her financial and full on freedom flag energetically, physically,  and on all realms, there will be tons of other women who get triggered as fuck by the level to which she has released her shame, guilt and submission to the previous eons of suppression we all know viscerally deep inside.

When you get confronted with another female’s bold and fearless BADASS BITCH expression of living full and well beyond society’s norm, you have to face your own gap between where you  actually are and that freedom you feel in your heart, and I’m sorry, honey, but you’ve capped yourself and you’re trying to cap your sisters to make yourself feel safe.

Those triggers you  are feeling serve to wake you up to the comfort level you are attempting to maintain by fighting to dim the shining star and claw her back down into the proverbial bucket with you.

Don’t go too near the sun, lady.
Don’t lose yourself, lady.
Just who do you think you are breaking MY rules of the way it is??!

DID IT OCCUR TO YOU that you are trying to keep a sister down to preserve your own insecurities and fears about your own looks and life and what it takes for you to evolve past your own conventions?

You are trying to fuck with the flow of another supernova at the expense of your own bright light!!

It’s time for you to take true stock of what exactly you are afraid of.

Have you taken time to look beyond the ‘look’ that allows you to feel so justified in dismissing, negating, cuffing, clipping the wings of said supernova? To dig deeper than the appearance, the words being used, to the depth of that person’s own journey and soul being? You, who believe yourself to be so open and full of integrity and truth and justice and love and light for all. Have you?

So, you feel ok with THIS much boob and thigh and THAT much presence of being, and this kind of skin color or that level of income, but if we cross the line that you’ve defined as “ok” and use the forbidden words that you, too, say behind closed doors, now we are getting out of line and now you feel worthy of being a judge and police keeper of what is and isn’t an acceptable female presence or common level of prosperity or spiritual way of being or however you want to define YOUR version of an acceptable existence? Don’t you see your limits are limiting the collective and yourself???

Fuck you and your white horse veil of ‘integrity and alignment’ according to YOUR line. Who the heck made you the ‘levels police’?

According to you, the amount over your particular definition might be ‘greedy’ and ‘useless’, or 'silly' or 'excessive' or whatever your deal is. But let me tell you, the life you live, which may seem modest next to the “baller” you’re baggin’ on? Your life is atrociously obscene and excessive if we threw you in a remote village somewhere. Your boobs, hair, nails, handbag, clothes, house, any of it, even if you are living simply - all of it would be WAY TOO MUCH or beyond their level of "reality"!!

And yet how about we discuss your level of impact versus the too much person you’re so desperately triggered by and think has nothing of value to contribute because you can't see past their personal preference for flash?

IT IS ALL RELATIVE to your perspective, your background, your conditioning. And we could all do with way more expansion into the abundance of our own being and amplify for quantum creation. It is so provincial and arrogant of you to think you know better than anyone but for yourself. It’s a vestige of old times and if you claim to be a spiritual revolutionary on the bleeding edge of creation, talking directly to soul, you’re gonna need to let go of deciding for others and come back into yourself.

Why don’t you take a good look inside and see what you have decided is ok or not ok, and see where you might be dismissing incredibly powerful frequencies of divine human beings living out their true calling in the way they are guided that has nothin' to do with you and your tiny and very limited and conditioned viewpoint right now. Even though you think you’re so evolved and expansive, and perhaps you have evolved so much, and you do show the way for others who are just a few levels more closed than you’ve allowed yourself to breathe. Remember the backlash you got when you spread your wings and opened up to your infinite potential?
Did it agree with your people who weren’t yet at your level of vision? Did it make sense or feel right to them? Did they try to claw you back down and you had to fight through that and become the you that you are now? You’ve got a ways and ways to go.

This time you’re the one judging and scratching and picking at others, and outside of yourself for fear, for genuine deep lurking ego based warnings telling you to be some sort of community decider on who can and can’t get past a level “above” you. There is no above and below. There is only each individual calling what spurs each of us towards our inherent vision of creation. And honay, you’ve lost sight of your deep calling by claiming to be the know it all, the end all, be all matronly teacher of let me now cap the magic.

You’ve lost touch with the deep magic, babe. You really have and you know it when you see the supernovas shining in their financial freedom and power.
When you see that they’ve busted through these old financial, societal, physical and spiritual grips in ways that feel terrifying to you, somewhere you freak out.

You think to yourself, “that’s not me and I don’t want to have to do It that way so let me bring that down. Down to my level of acceptable. Down to my rules of being that I have known and decided are ok”.
Don’t drink this, don’t eat that, don’t say this, don’t say that. Do it this way, don’t do it that way...
Welcome to the oppression of the ages that you are now continuing to promulgate.

You’re never going to break through the invisible abundance barrier to ultimate prosperity, wealth and freedom creation that is truly aligned expansion FOR YOU and what you come to do and for each of us following and living out our own journey if you don't let go of thinking you know the prescription and correctness for OTHERS. Decide for your own wellness, babe. But not for me, and not for her. 

Share your wisdom and stories but leave the pink slip, hall monitor, bullying and bossing for old times. When you are presented with an affront to your rules of engagement, stop and witness. The most effervescent and effective guides LEAD BY EXAMPLE not by dictation and judgement. They ask great questions that lead you back to you. And they don’t get ahead by dogging others to try to keep themselves in the lead. Those who follow that type of leadership are just that. FOLLOWERS. Not creators. Not visionaries. And not rich hot badass visionaries of the new cosmos who WILL ignite many more souls to their own calling and purpose than you ever will if you don’t get past the past on ALL levels, not just the ones you feel good about.

You want impact? Visibility? To change the world?

It needs to happen all the way honay. From deep inside of you and out from there. So long as you cling to these old ideas of what’s ok and think that you’re in some level of truth to be telling others what their truth is, you’re just wasting your time and generating more followers “beneath” you who perpetuate the same fear, restriction and limits I believe we are all here to disrupt and shift into a new way. The way each of us came to do and be, the way our internal compass knows for us and our respective awakening communities.

It is time for you to allow the disruption of propriety for prosperity, a kind of prosperity most of of have never known. Get over yourself and get busy doing the work. The INNER work.



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