The Three Things You NEED To Do Right Now to Succeed


You NEED do nothing. In fact, you need to stop doing so much so mindlessly!

You're caught up in the chaos of doing and it is trapping you into activities and living that doesn't serve you or keep you alive!! In fact, it's making you sick! Don't tell me you don't have tummy troubles or physical ailments of some kind. I know. When you stuff your words and emotions away because it is "easier" to be compliant and hold your tongue, whether it's your boss, your partner, your parent, and after all, they're the one paying and that's just the way it is, so ....

Fuck that TOP DOWN, POWER OVER bullshit. I'm sick of it. It made me sick, tired, and almost put me out. As in, shut down, turned off. I did the cubicle. I did the long hours, where the pay kept decreasing, the hours increasing, and the hamster wheel of servitude to the never ending dirty home and hungry, angry people. I was DOING all the time, but barely BEING. I threw myself into it with love and care, with high hopes of sharing my difficulties and creating opportunity out of it. Can't eat gluten, dairy, or much of anything at all? That's ok! Let's learn all about it and create the best rice milk flake EVER, take photos and share a blog about to inspire your friends and find support and thrive. Yeah, I did this while I worked in production, took care of my home and kids, and earned a pretty good salary, which paid for many of my expenses that had no ROI (return on investment other than health um see how our society works?). Essentials. 

But, that seemed like nothing to some. To some, all of my troubles in the end weren't their troubles, so they simply didn't exist. Their expectations weren't mine, so in essence, it was as if I didn't exist. Even though my physical body was falling apart, it's as if nothing of my own truth or reality was real because I just kept letting it get denied. No matter what I did, it never seemed enough, and I was complicit.

I bought into it, and I'm sure "they" did too. (That's how it works :))

No matter what we do, it seems never enough. We keep thinking and being told, if only we did more, did it better, did it smarter, we'd be of more value. We would know our value by the monetary result that proves our worth - right?

Did you catch that? Do you think this is true - that your worth is decided by your ability to create your own wealth - i.e. - like the actual number you bring in decides your value in life and thus your right to care for yourself? Yeah. I didn't think so. 

See, if you or anyone puts that on you, you’re buying into the old system! The undefined magnitude of balance in any human being is EVERYTHING that we need to be nurturing, educating about, investing in and creating!

Valtopia Balance

This is where we create from our TRUE value and truly create weatlh and prosperity. Not the SHIT to buy so you can tremble in the system and be afraid you might lose everything, trying to fit into a box that isn't ever going to accomodate you. How about when your kids are grown and you look back and realize you've had no time with them, you really don't know who they are and you wish you'd have spent more time BEING with them and now you don't even have much to show for it. Oh snap, I get it. If only I were rich i could do this, but I can't, so lemme just... fuck that. It is NOT about the MONEY and being a gazilionaire!!!!! It is about your belief and faith in the world and life we are creating for our kids, and what we choose to pass down through us through them or not! Nothing is “just the way it is” unless you let it be, and if you are reading this, there’s a good chance you’re a system buster and looking for answers and guidance to support you in your return to your most solid self in strength and success.

How do we create peace, joy, patience, compassion, understanding, connection when we feel we don't have time to BE?

Your mode of BEING may not be mine - but you need space! Space allows you to define your spirit, mind and body integrated into beingness MINUS the POWER OVER model of top down control. If we are all feeding into the top in servitude, we are not maximizing our true energetic frequency and potential that comes from within our own heart and truth. We’ve been taught to fear, deny, ignore and forget this. This is the secret.
I mean, did any of your parents tell you "as long as I'm paying the bills, you can keep it down, peanut".  The top down squeeze to everyone underneath IS the fucking problem. That we ever decided to be complicit in it is a choice we CAN SHIFT, and it is happening everywhere, and the power of the shifted beings is exponentially and dynamically changing the very fabric of our cosmos. You'll be surprised what a couple of tiny shifts a day in your beliefs, thoughts and habits can do to allow you to BE more and more a little each day.

There is a whole uprooting of ideas, perceptions and beliefs that is happening within homes and lives everywhere, and we are ready to support those of you who are ready to emerge and break the chains on your heart, release the blocks on your voice, and break down the old school destructive dynamic in your life where you think you have no right to be, say and do yourself. There are thousands of us connected, who have been studying, learning, opening up and sharing our knowing that in BEING our own true frequency and resonance we can shift from power over to power with, power to, and true power, as in the magic that comes from within, from revitalized organs pumping with blood and oxygen, hemi-synched brains full of creative, efficient ideas, calm minds connected with extra sensory love energy that opens up synchronicity and synergy where the 'impossible' becomes your reality and so much more …

So in the end, here are your three things to do right now to succeed:

1) Honor the worth that is YOU as you are

2) Honor the need you have to nourish your body, mind and soul so that you CAN create from a place of health, wellness and CHOICE.

3) BE more and DO less

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Love ya!


Love what you’ve read here and are you part of this shift? Comment below, message me, join us in Valtopia for this shift. It starts within and together we tap into our creativity, vision and transformation. Speak your truth, stand in your value, live and embody your dreams! When each of us honors our own frequency, each of us fills out and shifts the whole dynamic. So much energy and creational love to you, see you in Valtopia.

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