The truth about your money

Hey Love Drops!

I learned something so powerful in these last couple years of creating my own magical business. Even when things were really difficult in my life, when I was grounded in my own body, tuned into my own emotions and had called in what was guided to me by clear mind and deep cosmic connection, clients and money flowed in as it needed to. 

We get so caught up in the flow of cash money, and having our $duckets$ in a row, that we actually squeeze ourselves out of creating, allowing and receiving the capital we so need to create the lives we are envisioning. We might have achieved a certain level of thriving success, but there still seems to be a cap or limit to our money flow.

Chances are, if you've found me and you're reading this, you maybe have a problem feeling. You may not really know how you feel, or you may not even allow yourself to tune into your feelings, because you've probably shut them down a long time ago, and to open it all back up now is too hard, too much, and possibly even too scary. You developed a system of living that actually propelled you to success, accomplishment, and why would you disturb this? 

Well, the truth is, if you're not feeling, you're not creating from your heart, and if you're not creating from your heart, chances are, the money ain't flowing. You may not even be aware of some of the deeper rooted subconscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are actually guiding your life experience behind the scenes. Opening up to your feelings, your heart truth and your own flowcreation is your not only your birthright, but your best chance of directing and choosing the experience of your life and MONEY!

Would you like to open up to your money flowcreation?

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