The truth is

the truth is

there is a cacophony from which to choose. select wisely with gusto and passion behind a rhythm and solid structure.

be easy with it.

if it's too hard, rework it, revisit it, release it. If you didn't get it right last time, try again. Ground. Do things that bring you "home" and keep your chin up. Deep breaths and no resignation. Find yourself deeper and deeper into your inner presence and knowing. Smile. It's ok if since yesterday you were Audrey Hepburn going for an academy award to the darkest thoughts of despair and self separation. Feel the love you are missing from yourself. Know your wounded cries linger from another era and now you are no longer wounded by your experiences, rather you experience them as healings. And know that "your lessons are someone else's prayers", if only you find a way to embody the nugget of them and you as you are and with what you have been gifted. (Thank you Shana Yao). 

Thank you ego for protecting my wounded child but I let you go now and know that I am the sun, the stars and the cosmos and the light of the universe shines through me if only I honor and value this body, spirit and mind of mine. I can do this, one step or two giant leaps at a time. I got this. You got this. We got this. BRINGIT new moon I am open to receive the divine flow of kickassness and creative Valtopian Magic. Are you? 🙌💖💋⭐️

Cheers to my #ValtopiaQueen of the week Samantha Bearden.



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