Let’s lay down some solid truth bombs here.

You say
you want to shine and lead the leaders and awaken the passion and fire within through inspiration.

You say
you have the power of alchemy and woo to transform everything to Golden creation and abundance.

You say you know you were meant for greatness and you’re working towards it daily.

But where are you really?

I know
it can be maddening
to invest time, money, heart and soul into expansion and growth

and feel like

you’re not seeing the results you’d like,

you don't feel sure of your choices,

you're starting to look desperately for more solutions around you and outside you

I also know
that some of us
with the deepest magic
keep it on lock down
the most.

We’ve come to clear
a specific set of behaviors, patterns, beliefs and conditions that have limited us
for eons.

Your longings and drive is guiding you to your purpose.

It doesn’t all
unfold at once and depending
on how much
you came to shift in this life,
and how much you are
out of alignment to your chosen path,
you will need to adjust accordingly.

The big leap
is about


that your longings are calling you
towards your purpose
and the truth of who you are.

The more you can let go
of what you thought you were
and believe in yourself, you’ll take the winding path
to remembering who you really are.

In doing so,
you’ll be clearing yourself,
healing yourself,
shifting your own mind and beliefs
to align to your soul vision.

And as you do,
you may not make money at first
from your big leap.

Do not forsake your tiny and big shifts back into alignment because you’ve not received all the dollars!!!

I know it’s a bitch to feel the old stories of lack.

To see and hear the rally cry from the coaches and to see others shining and feeling you haven’t hit your financial mark
can inspire
guilt and shame and you block yourself.

Every step you take to speak your truth,
know your own heart and mind and soul
and create a life
where you DO check in with yourself
and you DO live a life that
allows the truth of your heart



It may not feel like it in the moment.

I fucking know.

I’ve been here and up and down
as I learn to release old stuff
and I had a huge change
I had to live through
to get more and more in alignment.

Choices of


will affect what gets shifted first.

My relationship with my kids and myself
has been first.

And I’ve gone up and down in income.

I am now poised to receive massively
and it comes in as I decide and know
it’s right for me!

And honor and fill that out fully.

That’s worth everything to me for the rest of my life.

No matter what.

Getting to that space of peace and bliss within,
no matter where I am
or who I am with,
is absolutely priceless.

And everything stems from that place
of peace and possibility

to build your own moments.

You are worthy of your dreams,

your longings

and aligning your life to your truth.

Anything else will slowly stagnate
and kill your soul and you know it.

For highly sensitive gifted people like us,
this work is vital to our strength and health.

We were born for this.

Don’t let ego mind and fear


with your rise up

from the life that didn’t suit you,

and didn’t allow you to breathe,

be free or do and be you.



Here is Today's Valtopia TV - it is time to get yo shnizzle DONE - no excuses. 




I do have a very select few spots
open for one to one, still.

I say still, because as I expand my time becomes less available to just one at a time.

If you’re watching me rise up
from my old self that was a fraction of who I am now,
and desire to speak your truth
and share and express your magic
and thrive and shine as a visionary creative,
lighting up prosperity not only for yourself,
but all that you are called to inspire

jump in now!!

We will look at your core beliefs,
your deepest programming,
release negative energy in your field,
tune into patterns in your behavior and shift your very DNA
and thought processes,
changing your life for the better forever.

This work is deep, powerful and priceless.

Nobody does it quite like me.

You’ll know if I’m meant to be your guide.

Don’t ignore that instinct.

Double down!

I don’t just wave my magic wand
and shift with you,
though I am super magical,
probably like you!

I hold a power space,
allowing you to discover your own deepest answers,
and guiding you to tools
you’ll use forever to continue
coming back to your infinite self
that does rise up and shine
and lead with light and creation.


And in this energy we allow infinite abundance.

Health, wealth, love
and all kinds of fck yeah babay.

Your choices from this place
are infinitely more abundant
than the compacted,
half ass version

of you

you’ve been allowing.

DM as you’re called
I feel youz and


Here’s you:

Luminous leader creatrix

ready to release the toxic entanglements of your foundational relationships.

Underneath and behind every powerhouse warrior beacon of light is a deep seated pain that shaped us.

We are powerful and
we are inherently afraid of that power.

Will we really be as powerful as we know?

Will we abuse the power or not live up to it?

Will all the deep seated negative fears, guilt and shame

keep us stuck in a loop of confusion
and overwhelm

as we grow our impact and reach?

Have you found yourself investing
and doing the work and
doing all the things but still!!

Inconsistent in your receiving
- can’t make the money on demand,
don’t connect with the clients
the way you know you can,

can’t quite find the partner you know you are destined to.

Your dreams and longings

are calling you

and you find yourself “that” close

and time and again wondering

what was missing?

Why didn’t it work this time?

Your success is true and powerful

and yet somehow

there is a shroud

of your past

layered over everything and

keeping you

from what you know is right here!

Let us close the gap with tools,

and the best vibes of your life.

Your resonance and alignment is

E V E R Y T H I N G.

DM to apply REACH OUT to connect.


Check out the programs you can jump into RIGHT NOW!!!






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