👉That’s right SETTLE!!!!👈

Normal. I am not normal and neither are you. 

Each of us is uniquely gifted with levels of awareness, sight, brilliance, and GENIUS. 

If you’re claiming normalcy and denying this part of you as a badge of honor, GET OFF MY PAGE AND OUT OF MY FEED. NOW. 

No - for real. 

Your desire to claim normalcy makes me vomit in my mouth and want to smack you. Get. Out. 

For years, I squashed myself into boxes that I would never fit into. Normal was never an option but I was made to feel like I should want it. 

I should want to align to everybody around pretending they don’t have anything to do with their higher senses, their creativity, their inner knowing and their ability to IMMERSE AND MANIFEST in their lives. 

I couldn’t play that game and always felt less than, outside, wrong. 


But let me tell you something. When I tapped into the genius, my natural gifts and knowing, life expanded!!
In amazing and incredible ways!

When I tried to fit in and suppress what is NORMAL FOR ME?? Darkness, sickness, stagnancy and sabotage. 

Fuck normal and the homogenizing suppression and bullshit that comes with it. 

It’s time to rise and shine into your genius and your fear of pleasing and fitting in is literally KILLING YOUR BUSINESS AND LIFE. 

It can feel like death to leave behind that program that says we have to fit in or we will die. 

We release that and a whole other load of bullshit that’s keeping YOU from growing your business the way your heart and soul is guiding you to. 

Stop fucking around with an old story of who you are and is NOT aligned with the paradigm shifts you so desire to bring about. 

You want to shift into gear and create 20k months from your genius? Then it’s time to actually being the GENIUS into the equation. 

VALTOPIA OVERFLOW 1:1 activation and RECALIBRATION to your genius 

We begin next week spaces are limited your new normal is your next paradigm and it dos NOT include squashing your genius into other people’s boxes of “normal”. 

Thank you. 

Apply HERE. See you in my gmail.

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