There is no secret club

🧩There’s no level that excludes you from your desires. Some secret club of people who have it all and you’re the ass that can’t get in. 

🚫That is a program that has been instilled in us. 

Fuck the program let’s install a new one. 

💯A new one where you shift out of expectation and perceptions and all the ways it HAS been and open up to the limitlessly FRESH ways that are aligned and activated 

The thing is?

🧠💪✌🏿You have to decide and participate in this new way BECAUSE IT REQUIRES ALL OF YOU. 

👉Not a schoche. Not a smidge. Not a teensy toe dip. 

💯All the way all up in the hot tuuuuuub. 

💦 Get in. Get wet. 

👋Feel your temperature change and sweat out the old stuff that says you can’t because you’re too old, or too young or too fat or too skinny or too dumb or too smart or whatever else story you’re telling yourself as to why you don’t get to live and be and have what you desire and dream of and WERE BORN TO LIVE. 

🔑What do you really, really DESIRE?

🎁Would you like to find out? 

🛎Are you stuck tuning in that deep even though you are so creative and have accomplished so much?

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💡Come ready to answer some power questions that will shift you instantly. 

🧲Come ready to have a chat about your COSMIC SOUL DESIRES, PASSION AND PURPOSE. 

🎯COME READY TO ACTIVATE AND TAKE RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIVE FULLY like the ambitious and highly sensitive visionary genius BOSS that you are. 


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What do you desire and how are you going to decide to BE it?

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