This Could SAVE Your Holiday

Many of us have such great expectations for the holidays, but we often wind up exhausted, disappointed and disconnected. Feeling sad and in an effort to numb out, power through and do waaaay more than goes with the flow and allow us to nurture ourselves, we end up sabotaging ourself with a bad diet, a bad hangover or two, and next thing you know, we are off track, arguing with our partners or family, and packing an extra roll or two around the middle. Once the rolls begin, and the icky temperament from the bad energy, then it just snowballs from there. 

I know, because I've been there. We had many years where my husband and I were working so hard, we barely came up for air for a holiday. I remember traveling home to the family, and all kinds of childhood and adolescent issues getting triggered. All the togetherness and added stress of traveling, food, parties and more can unsettle those of us who might need some space and quiet to center, ground and really be at our best.

When we keep experiencing the same fear, rage, or dismay at old patterns and stories, the energy gets trapped in our body and that's when we begin to feel tired, achey, sick. I remember thinking something was terribly wrong with me as I had so much pain in my gut, in my hips, in my neck and my shoulders. I learned that I needed to stretch, move and release all the trapped energy in my body. When it came to my gut, it took me longer to learn that lesson. In the end, it was a series of powerful life shifts that really opened me up and began the shift out of the tension, repression and misalignment that I was experiencing. And it was this one thing that I'm about to share with you that really made the biggest difference of all, and is now part of my daily practice keeping me relaxed, regenerated, and energized to really pursue my life with leadership, presence and to enjoy myself and feel good! 

Here in this 20 minute audio/visual experience, I will share with you the empowered energetics that I do every day. Each day, we shift back a little, and the mind tries to protect us and bring us back to where we were, but with a daily practice of releasing the energy and activating powerful intentions, we can feel calm, centered and great and this results in a more magnetic personality, more vibrant energy which, of course, leads to you making your dreams come true and sparkling up your family and friends around you too!

Here is the first cut of the Valtopia Holiday Ticket, and it has music, beach and Valtopian art videos, and is GREAT!! I watched it last night and it's all edited together so nicely. Get in on it now, and I will be creating more energy boosts for you as we go. Let's shift the energy and shine, baby! 


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