THIS is why your mentor can't successfully guide you


Are you ready for this? We're not going to people please or make it pretty.

There is a reason the other therapists, mentors, coaches and guides didn't create a winning break through for you in the area that most challenges you, whether it's money, love, health or being.


You're too sensitive.


There. I said it.

You're too fucking sensitive, and the truth is, we need to hone in on that and honor it like the beautiful and magical gift that it is.




HELLLOOOOOOOO your gift IS your ability

to FEEL and KNOW and HEAR and INTUIT

and you're waking up to it


simply by reading this.


The beautiful and powerful work of your other guides and mentors will make more sense when we do some PRE WORK to allow you to be able to calm down, ground and center your energy centers, and to CHANGE the tape recorder playing in your head that is creating a cycle of creation you THINK you cannot release on some level deep down inside of you.

The guidance from your BO$$ mentors is like fuel to the fire of sabotage as you spin your wheels in your predisposed DNA programming and stutter and stall in mind chatter, triggered reactions and YEARS passing by as you get more sick, more over it, and lose the spark of fire that you are and go into debt paying for material you are NOT choosing to absorb on the deepest level. 


Give yourself a chance and take this moment to truly tune in and see and feel where you have not released ancient attachments, old ideas and beliefs, dated conventions and rules, stuck energy and see where you can open up more each day to feeling yourself, knowing yourself, and truly expanding the sensitivity you have been blessed with in this life. It truly is your gift and worthy of every focus and support.

Own your frequency, honay. There's nobody like you.




JOIN US to shift these patterns and awaken YOUR super powers of sensitivity and BOLD vision and creation in your life. RISEUP from within and find your flow and most amazing sense of grounded and centered being with tools to take away FOREVER 

clean slate clear vision






 After working with hundreds of healers, guides, and incredibly gifted power boss visionaries, the ones who responded most deeply and rapidly had already done many years of work. But they had been denying and caging and protecting certain aspects of themselves, unknowingly. 

I have a unique and natural gift in inspiring and facilitating transformational breakthroughs that then allow my clients to finally understand and embody the work they've been doing for years.


I am a complement and fill a very specific NEED in the community. I am here to support EXTRA sensitive, HIGHLY empathic, creative visionary humans ready to shift their DNA to the next level of being. As a collective, we are releasing very specific patterns of pain and trauma that have been experienced over eons. We are extra protective in our perfectionism and people pleasing, trauma based codependence because the attachments are hidden and elusive to us.


I get it, because I too have been a tough nut, reluctant to let go of certain beliefs, ideas, people, behaviors. I was so darn sensitive and it took A LOT of work to understand the tremendous blessing of being that highly aware and gifted in the traits for which I have been banished and isolated and punished. THAT space of being is so familiar to us, we have a hard time imagining and allowing ourselves to envision beyond what we've known.


But we are being invited to and have in fact come to do just this!


You see, we get placed in strife in order to find our way, lest we be complacent, peaceful and never allow for the shift we have designed. You can feel the connection of the ancients who lived once in bliss calling you, reminding you of your promise. My clients and I feel this calling deeply, inexplicably, palpably. If the word Lemuria strikes any feels in you, we are soul family and you have been called.


Our flow, freedom and success depends on our ability to choose our highest and most aligned experience.


That can be a bitch for some of us, as we hang on tight to our genetic programming and life conditioning. You can invest in mindset until pigs fly, and you won't absorb the material until you shift these very codes and matrixes of living.


As in YOU NEED TO EMBODY in a way that allows you to BE the frequency of your desires. And the very stubborn patterns you've invited yourself to clear and release as you're living them are your test and triumph, should you choose any and all divine methods to conquer your fears, face your fuckery and find your flow.


I'm here and we are doing it DAILY in Valtopia, honay.

Book in for to get a diagnostic reading on YOUR specific sensitivities, gifts and patterns

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